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Artist: Random
Album:  Mega Ran 9
Song:   Outro
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

This is gettin kinda hard to follow
Then I got a bill from Proto Man and that was kinda hard to swallow
Met him as I approached the last battle
Said he didn't come to fight but to drop the real - he said

Listen - you really think that Doc's for real?
Trust me, and I don't even have a reason to lie
You've been so blind Random, open your eye
I'm your brother, so believe in I
Dr. Light and Dr. Wily both in cahoots
And if you wouldn'ta hit Splash Woman so fast she'da told you the truth
It's the perfect plan, fooled the whole land, made a hundred grand
And they don't care about us Mega Ran
We the old models, we antiques
With programming flaws that they always critique
So we gave you free will, to choose your fate
So they told you what moves to make, and you listened...
... like some kind of pet
I can't believe I used to want you to run with me, you ain't ready yet

So I stopped him like - how'd you come to this conclusion?
that Wily and Light are in collusion? It's so confusin
He said

The last eight years were a test
To see if you would constantly forgive and forget
And you did - each time you'd beat Wily
He would beg you for mercy, and you'd react kindly
So they knew they had you right where they wanted you
A docile son, they decided to punish you
And lead you to believe you were doin right
When in fact you were playin into the hands of Light
He sent Splash Woman, to tempt you with her beauty
And riches were promised through Jewel Man's jewelry
But you remained true throughout the temptation
And now he sent me to give an explanation
It had to happen to assure you were ready
Prepared to take on a foe, that was most deadly
And for that foe, you'll receive no help
Mega Ran, your last enemy, is yourself

And with that, he vanished
Leavin me to ponder, what, he was talking about
I still don't know
Guess it's for me to find out, and you too