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Artist: Random, Savant & Hexsagon
Album:  Valley of Doom (
Song:   Valley of Doom
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

DN3 got beats cuz! Uhh, c'mon
Get your hands up high, high, high {*2X*}
Now get your hands up high, high, high
Now get your hands up, uhh

[Random] + (Savant)
Aiyyo Savant (what down Ran?) These cats just don't understand
So we gotta hit 'em once again, aiyyo
The plot thicken, the block licker, your spot's missin
Stocks risen now listen I'm not kiddin
My mission is dominance, my life's on the line
I'm an animal, uncaged like Tyson in his prime

And I'm, somethin like a hybrid:
A butterfly and bee via Ali with the stylus, right?

Yeah bottle up my pain then I write it into rhyme
Watch it leak out the pen one item at a time

So do I, so it's itemized;
Once I hit the lines I'm revived and revitalized and primed
The night is live
Inscribed, inscrutable and indisputable
Philly and Chi bring the truest two
We're boons to music who simply inspire
The youth who put their lives on a pad
Young gifted with the writtens exhibiting more than swag
Itchin to get mentioned with spitters their mom and dad spun
Random, step into the realm and get it spazzin

Yeah, when it comes to peers, we have none
Shook ones wanna grabs guns, AK's, tecs and magnums
You don't want what happened to the last one
who went one on one with the dragon of rappin
Scott Pilgrim, I just not feel them
rappers who spend time destroyin and not buildin
I've stopped chillin in spots I frequented
Producers send me tracks, Savant, and I kill them

And I fill them with somethin via Pun's rhyme style
Shatter rappers unilateral patterns I'm lights out
Who run mics wild?

And I'm the one right now
I'm everywhere like Drake's punchline style

And when it's crunchtime, dial up the squadron:
N.R.S.; leaders, MVPers of the genre
We the best, see the rest

I see them BBM'n, tweetin and textin
Gettin mad when they see me winnin
But I ain't got STV's with TV's in 'em

And they don't either man!
Don't believe the feebs they're spinnin (YEAH~!)
These cats are standin in line at the Colonel's Chicken right?
They be like, "Can I get that there three piece chicken?"
See 'em lyin

[Chorus: Random]
Get your hands up high, high, high {*2X*}
Now get your hands up high, high, high
Now get your hands up, ahh, ahh, ahh


My wave transmissions freezin competition
I leave 'em shocked like a clumsy electrician
And if you're with the mission then get blinded by the vision
I'm firin up the heat, like I'm cookin in the kitchen
My family's flawless, the flows stay consistant
Smash the competition, break through all resistance
I'm buildin bridges, connections moving through visions
Socializing networks so you know of my existance
I don't spit lyrics, that attract crickets
I make noise, to scare even the toughest critics
Never afraid, to take any step
Ever since me and music met, I build rep
What you expect? Another weakling
Skip an emcee like me, you must be sleeping
Since I came out, put cats to shame
No hurricane can extinguish my eternal flame