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Artist: Deep Puddle Dynamics
Album:  Anticon Presents: Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop
Song:   Rainmen
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I'll take seven emcees, put ‘em in a line
Shoot ‘em and sell their clothes to get my wisdom teeth pulled
From here on out I'm grabbing these rappers by their fates
And throwing their destinies out into that lake
And as the earth shakes, and as the snakes eat
I found my birth place on top of that break beat
The beat breaks while I drink a red stripe to get my head right
Maybe put some life into this dead mic
You fuckers got nerve, you're lost between mold and the mildew
If you spit that verse with bullets and tits I wouldn't feel you
This plan can't grow without the nurturing and nutrience
So on I carry between the aryans and nubians (come together)
Holding a head full of that Minnesota pork
And if I ever blow up, I wanna fuck Bjork (you know my stink)
Let it rain, let it rain, let the water run off of the brain
Let the drops hit my shoulders and leave permanent stains
Let one solo drip touch my heart and symbolize what it contains
Restrain these thoughts that stay locked in my dark side
Let the bumper hit the pavement, pull away and let the sparks fly
Let the children have reason to laugh
Instead of needing to craft ways and passages to see their last days

As far as me and water animals are concerned are infantile
Past obliterating, great life on a scale, chorus boy
See if you died trying the diabetics
Bet if me and you had to breathe the same oxygen you'd choke
And foam comes out your headphones
And little men in black would scurry around and jump on dicks
Saying "Yo champ, keep the heads noddin'", I keep heads still
Steal moments from opponents lucky to find fabric in time
Between Nieche and Ice Cube
Fuck all of ya'll, never like any of ya'll in the first place
Punch face, dickhead, step on foot, burn bridge
Rape, pillage, take money
I saw your scribbles in the back of your last release, ha ha, funny
You bring your marbles, I'll bring mine
When our ego's and balls collide, you'll have some pre-written battle rhymes
But no, everything is cool, cold, icey, happy, glamorous
Let's all drink Zima and sing ‘We Are The World'
I am the world, where I am a whirlpool where all these fools get killed
Kilogram to your ass, and you bitch made like a quilt
Yeah I can drop down and neander with neanderthals and jelly fish
The revolutionary evolutionist, let me be the tooth fairy
Cuz when it comes down to bitin', I make damn sure everyone gets royalties
And rock Parliment beats instead of Jel's tracks
Shit, if I ever gave a fuck, I gave it away a long time ago     
Only time will tell, in due time until it's over
The pair of me see my parables, paragraphs and emcee favorite tongue
The world is my stage, and stage presence for everyone

Let it rain, let it rain
Let the gutter be the book you never wrote
Let the bottle be the drawbridge and moat
All this is soaked in the deep depths of Dynamics
All we ask is two ears and a planet

Developed materialist presented for your listening pleasure 
Quadruple phynetic spitters in two by ten measures
Profess my confession
I longed for this profession presently here
This art form ain't accessible
For those who want to hear us
Interlock hands through a sound and tape device through a filter
Constructing of percussion, rhythm sections, painstakingly built are
Infectious, totally overwhelming to soul and body
It's the Holy Ghost, making you physical structure appear quite shotty
Disassemblying, slow pick apart your sound taste
Deconstructing, jotted the four across the wall your forced to face
And conclude that your thirst is quenched by Deep Puddles
"Ay this shit is dope!", but our conversation to you is suttle 
You gotta hit that R-E-W when the fading commences
Your index extensions of your hand constantly tenses
Approximately every five minutes you will repeat this motion
Over and over until your mind's convinced of this notion
"Dynamics, I understand, and I pledge alliegance
To your music for advanced listeners covering many regions
And as far as I'm concerned, this group is number one
And who knew that using my brain could be so much fun"

Four, count them, one, two, three, seven, four
Pleasantly demented stock riders a few volts short of a paper airplane
Decided to sit ingrain, paint their faces and be leaves
Light green, turned upside down in the wind
Finally, someone to clap for, this toxic hermit grins
Especially men who look the globe over and back
Scratch, fizzlin' a balmy sky, it's time
If you live in the cosmos, milky way style
Say it like I mean it, to ease my hard head
And to where have you been my whole life, c'mon guys
Let's play the sap, shoot branch, off, shoot branch
But "hee hee hee" giggle the children 
Who's shot? Hands folded, pencils sharpened
Waiting patiently for quality birdseed 
And really cool camp counselors who know lots of big words
Once in a while it's fun to be smart
And play with matches on the dark side of the–Whoa!
Cock bang, young drummer get wicked
Smaller rock, and the larger ones all but confused
So with the prostitutes or platypuses
And grandparents fond on me
I'm a hydrogen molecule and proud of it
Let it rain....