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Artist: Eyedea, Slug, Sole
Album:  Anticon Presents: Music for the Advancement of Hip-Hop
Song:   Savior?
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Sometimes I wonder if you'll ever shut the hell up
But you don't quit, and you just don't stop 
Sometimes Iwanna hop on the 5 and ride circles around my city a couple times
And pity my troubled life 
Sometimes I wake up like 'fuck the world!' 
And after I fuck my girl, I wanna curl up in the corner of my basement
Waitin' for civilization to fold
The pressure pays the toll, it takes control
So I can be a better dad, I can be better in bed
I can be a better man, I can be better off dead
I can a better son, boyfriend or employee
But I better fix my head before I let that shit destroy me
Yeah, you know me, that cat with no game, no gear
Been in love as many times as I've been alive in years
It ain't my fears that's riding me, nope
It's how I cope and construct, and how I act as if I don't give a fuck
But damn, if I stop and count the amount of fucks I've handed out
All in the name of trying to find what it's about
I'd probably drown, gasp, cough, gurgle, found dead
Stiff position as if I'm about to jump that hurdle
So while you lose your hair, I'm losing a war
You living thick off the pulp while I'm chewing the core
And sometimes I reflect, sit and wish that I was ignorant
Unaware of the poison so I could enjoy sipping it
That's why the only thing on my mind is everything
So I blame my brain for trying to hold me down
And when they finally wash it and hang it out to dry
Make sure they know I spoke, make sure they know my sound

Dear primate relatives with extra-terrestrial intelligence
I've gathered delicate information stating my spaceship's developed a virus
And I was thrown out of orbit past the moon
And crashed here November 9th, 1981, Monday afternoon
I've adapted to this twisted way of living
But I always knew I wasn't from this planet cuz I'm so damn different
I've kicked it with kids that would've but couldn't
Kids that could've but wouldn't
Some took it, misunderstood, stood under it and overlooked it
Love, hate, straight, crooked
Bad, good, should, shouldn't
Plastic, metal or wooden
It's all a part of water based pudding
This is a cry for help and I don't give a fuck
I've joined every alien cult on earth waiting for ya'll to pick me up
I've sipped the cup of reality, now my brain is dying
I try and explain I'm not human, now my room is an insane asylum
They blame the violence on children and try to forget they raised 'em
Jerry Springer and Banned From TV is what they get paid from
Man, I hate them homosapiens, they're a little too complex
Survival instincts are blocked for the biggest cock contest
Man, please come get me, the shit's sickening
Man, I can't stand it
I wanna break the ozone and go home to my own planet
This panic, I'm stranded, goddamnit I'm damaged, my sanity's bandaged
Ever since I landed I've been abandoned and planned to run
I ran and managed to reach peace for a day or two
But it's probably government computer chips that make me think the way I do
Hey, I knew my origin was beyond this galaxy, even as a baby
I asked the ones who told to call parents and they said I was crazy
I've been beat half to death by those designated to serve and protect
I pay them taxes from my check so they break my neck
Now take a sec and think what I did to deserve this
I'm waiting for the mothership spacecraft
To take me away from this purposeless earth shit
It's worthless
I'm like a polar bear living in the equator
Or an ice cube in the refrigerator
I'm outta place and outer space is where I need to get ya'll
So when you come down, just remember I'm leaving with ya'll
Sincerely yours truly, Eyedea  

So if you've got a savior, please won't you introduce?
Cuz you muthafuckas behavior has got me broken loose

Oh, ya don't like sand? I heard it tastes like dirt
I do dirt, my girlfriend used to be a rock
All the favorite words, they woulda been 'stop' if she could talk
So I did, lovemaking, playing inside a mole hill
Ever read the diary of the ego without a fate?
Music without a place
Man without a plate
Metal plate in skull which means I'll never get a chance to fly
Wasn't coordinated enough to get college grants for playing sports
But I stole your girl
She was lucky enough to get the goods by a smooth talkin', player hatin' 
On the class failin', shoplifting one man solar system
I'm the sun to earth, super nova Novocain, no preservatives
Don't know exactly what life means
But I know for damn well that she ain't talkin' to me
But I know everything I spend will somehow ends in negativity
I can smoke all your imbeselic isms and idol ideologies
For idiots who idolize ideals but never truly comprehend 
And feel experience experiments
They said take breaths when you can
I fill my pockets will small triangle remnants of static moments
Pessimism appeals to Sole which stikes him as more likable
Never know no equals, still my style becomes more biteable
I forgot how to sleep, don't remember being tired
Which means heads think I'm sick until the day that I'm fired
A wise man told me be a snake and let all people believe you're a sheep
Cuz all ya have is your pride, so in the end you'll never sell me cheap