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Artist: LMNO & Mad Child
Album:  Battle Axe Warriors (Compilation)
Song:   Proper Reaction
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Battle Axe up on the set
Mad Child up on the set
LMNO up on the set
Rob The Viking up on the set
Battle Axe up on the set
The whole world up on the set (3x)

Yo, many of nights, plenty of flights
Setting the mood without blacklights
Like 2000, they're a bunch of hype
Not fooling me, just another person with jewelery
I'm advanced like cash from the label
Except I don't run out creative stamina
And the complete control to turn this rhythm into listening pleasure
Huh, each and every measure
Beating off the pressure, destroying appetite
Not anorexic, man that's sick
We all have issues, this is true
Reach just a little, we all need to
Not quite the tree hugger
But I got splinters in my nuckles from knocking on wood
Superstition isn't good
At least for me, my father's heavenly
Like father, like son, strive for perfection
Since young, been dealing with correction
Seeking affection, honorary election
Clean inspection, mean infection
If you're that hard, you might just get etched on
Come on!

Chorus (2x)
Never kill, never will (can't say never!)
Defenders take one for the team...
Whatever comes my way...
Proper reaction
We come with the proper reaction

Sometimes it takes two to tangle, mad slaughter and mangle
Too hot to handle, I'm far from star spangled
Work the angles with this Canadian commando
Hard to understand us, Underworld Defenders
My new partner's plan is to follow the Ten Commandments
I'm working on it, but still living outlandish
Walk a separate path but speak the same language
Rough wranglers, we hit you with the bangers
Look, I'm off the hook, we rock with no hangup
Think fast, I've far surpassed you tape slangers
I think I'll hang around 'till I'm famous
I'm talkin' about lots more than knowing what my name is
Blame us for shining new light on entertainment
The odd couple, now that's a strange arrangement
Lone ranger, ???? from Perfect Strangers, and Swollen Members
Three names you should remember

Chorus (2x)