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Artist: Secret Service f/ Status, E.S. & Carrie Dawn
Album:  Family Business (Compilation)
Song:   Do Whatever
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[Hook: Status, E.S.]
Let's get together party, do whatever
Fellas y'all could ride mamis, jump inside
Maintain the vibe, leave the drama when you enter
Throw up your four fingers, two twisted in the center

Low profile lifestyle, down for my clicka
Brothas see me they handcuff they chica
It's all good, I'm misunderstood

Throw ya hands in the air
If you's a true playa

Got my automatic
In case of static
A microphone fiend
I got to have it
Buggin on my dope shit
It's hopeless
Flows that don't quit
Make you want to quote shit
To my people
Nowadays ain't makin' equal
Keep you waitin' for the sequel
From S.D. to Puerto Rico
Slide through, baby we can mingle
Mami knows she sexy
Wants a free single

In her eye I see a twinkle
I'm throwin in some wrinkles
Can't stop the rain
Pour from light sprinkles
Y'all should stop
No defense for what we got
You think not, test me

See who the best be, peep it
We San Diego's best kept secret, Service
I now understand why you nervous
Peep the style
All the while felt worthless
If this is for the radio

Delete the fuckin' curses

Verses, get run till I'm done
More than just for fun
My life's just begun
You bustas want some
I think that's quite dumb
I'll leave your limbs numb
But y'all can still cum

[Hook] x2

No stoppin'
Me and D from rhyme droppin'
Friday we chill
Saturday club hoppin'
It's not uncommon
To see our face up in the place
Pounds from my peeps
And numbers from new freaks

You know how it go though
We never roll solo
Blazin' gats
E.S. sportin' Polo

I got the slow flow
For mami who's lookin' cute
With her black cat suit
Kenneth Cole boots
Call the troops
I got crew, how bout you
Hook your hoods with my necklace
Handle our biz
That's how it is
Don't waste time with these kids

Hold up, let me hit this
You with this
Cause if you are
Then it's in your best interest
You could be my broad
Or you could be my mistress
Whichever you choose
You win never lose
Finish your brew
So we could all take a cruise
Mic check the one's and two's

Let you know who's

Definitely in the house
We turn it out
Satisfaction's guaranteed
To rock the mic untill we leave
Twisted off the weed
Blazin' trees and such
Secret Service, Rat Pack
The crew you can't touch
We're just too much
School's in, bring a lunch
The two, I thought you knew
We come brewin' the clutch


Whatever you wanna do
Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, dada, da, da, da
Whatever you wanna do
Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, dada, da, da, da
Whatever you wanna do
Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, dada, da, da, da
Whatever you wanna do...