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Artist: AllfrumthaI (Binky Mack, Boo Kapone, Comrads, K-Mac, Squeak Ru)
Album:  N.W.A. 10th Anniversary Tribute (Straight Outta Compton)
Song:   Parental Discretion Iz Advised
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[Intro: Boo Kapone]
Aiy yo, aiyyo Banks
Aiy yo, what's crackin?
Aiy what y'all niggaz gonna do for this whoop?
Aiy, y'all want Boo Kapone to do the intro? 

[Boo Kapone]
Parental discretion is advised for the moment
While I'm gettin' candid, now understand it
This ain't too typical in anyway, though 
The pro is on the Mic, it's B-Double-O
I know the Banks makes you want to take a valium
So buy a bucket cause upcomin' is the album
And for the record, meanin' this record, now check it
Now, listen to the single and you'll be like, yo, I gotta get it
But in the meantime, listen to the rhyme
By the Comrads, 'frumtha I, and Mack Dime
Bido's on the drum roll, rockin' the beat
Aiyyo Binky, where's you gonna take this shit man?

[Binky Mack]
Aiyyo, let's take it to the streets 
Let them understand perfection
Let knowledge be the tool for suckers to stop guessin'
Cause I don't give a fuck about no Radio play
Observed the gangster shit I display
Lyrics for the adults, children have been barred
Scarred from listenin' to suckers so motherfuckin' hard
Dope, pumpin' that's all our shit will never falter
It's Binky Mack not the Mind of Minolta
Psycho, like no, other motherfucker
So step to me wrong, G-O for what you N-O
But be warned, never will I leave like a regular
Cause I'm a little better than the regular competitor
I used to see them on stage
Earnin' money like a thief, but without a guage
Until I got full, of clockin the lame gettin' pull
(Aiy Binky, they said you ain't gon' get paid)
Nah, that's bullshit!  
They like it stylistic
And I enchant the crowd like I'm a mystic
(C-C-C-C) C-C-C-cameras are flashin, when I'm in action
A photo, or fresh with a flair for fashion
Pure simplicity, see, it's elementary
You hear one of the hardest motherfuckers this century
Tryin' to comply, a word to the wise and the guys
Parental discretion is advised

[Squeak Ru]
Squeak is must be straight high performance
My dick is an enormous, for you bitches that's horrorin'
Shit I don't take it, not even in a toliet
My niggaz don't fake shit, cause we're ballin'
Turn up the pilot as it burns
And maybe, you motherfuckers will learn
I'm not a Dub, yeah, I speak sensible
I smoke hub, the number one principal
I'm engineerin; the shit that you're hearin'
Cause when it comes to power, I'm power steerin'
Silly you say, I say you're silly when you say it
Rush my tape to the deck, and shake your ass when you play it
Like Apollo, but I'm not an amateur
And I'm not givin' a fuck, when I damage you
For the record, here Squeak, he's gonna spin it
And if there was a trophy involved, I'll win it
Possession is mine cause I'm the holder
And a nigga like Squeak don't give a fuck when I fold ya
So you best to step off and be wise
Fuck it, ha ha, parental discretion is advised

[The Comards]
I be well as known as a bandit
You gotta break bread cause you know the nigga's scandalous
And if you fail to see, read it in braile
I'll be still dumpin' chickens
Now, what's next is the flex of the genius
My rapid-stutter-steppin' if you seen this
Dope, you know, I got your whore on my pennies
Bitch made, niggaz fought the high-top faze
It's not my trademark, when I get loose in the dark
I guess, you wasn't stress for the crack pipe
But it's just another motherfucker on the pile
That's drivin' your ass with the flow of the tongue
You hung yourself short
The after-knowledge was brought to you attention
By the hardest motherfuckin' artist that is known for lynchin' 
Any buster in a minute, stagger them all
When I start dumpin' better check your drawers
Gang Spine is a no doubt whip in a battle
Move like a snake when I'm mad; and then my tail rattle
I get low, take your whore and let your kids go
When I bust, parental discretion is a must

Little did they know, that I would be arrivin'
I know these busters been wonderin' where the fuck I been
But it's the K here to make more money
It's funny, how we're gettin' paid when our record be played
You're fuckin' regular, yo, as I get bitches the
Bitches wanna lay me and start suckin' up on the dick
So I get them hot, thinkin' that I'ma fuck them
As they sit, bumpin' their legs like a cricket
To you it may be funny
But the bitch can't get no dick, without money
So slip your C-note
And she can suck on this wing-ding-ding-a-ling down her throat
Foreplay; to me ain't shit
Whenever she spread them, then you can get the dick
Of Mr. K-Mac, if she can deal with the size
But if she can't, parental discretion's advised (*echoes*)

(*bass guitar and piano solo for a minute*)

[Outro: The D.O.C.]
Shut the fuck up!!