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Artist: Mr. Kee f/ Sativa
Album:  Pocos Pero Locos: Cyberbanger (Compilation)/The Latin Plague
Song:   Tequila Body Shots
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[Mr. Kee]
Ah, yeah
Uh hun (Uh hun)
Well, ah
Well, ah
Well, ah hun
Uh hun
I don't know what you want me to do, girl
But whatever it is
Let's believe I'm a do it

[Sativa]  Just keep it hot, baby
[Mr. Kee] I keep it hot, baby
[Sativa]  Just do ya thang, boy
[Mr. Kee] Oh, I do my thang, girl
[Sativa]  Don't let the party stop
[Mr. Kee] Nah, I ain't gon' let it stop
[Sativa]  Know what we drinking on
[Mr. Kee] Tequila body shots, body shots

Repeat Chorus

[Mr. Kee]
(Verse 1)
We hit the club on the late night
They know my name
Know my face, cause we stay tight
We V.I.P.
Poppin' bottles of expensive piss
Whatever happens here
Tonight, I'm a plead the fifth
I'm throwin' hundred dollar
Bills at the party
Our family circle's
Too close, for you to enter
More snakes on the agenda
Oh, they play my song
The crowd's going wild now (Ah)
They ask me questions
Like who, what, when and how
Don't even worry about it
We got the game sold
You out there freezing cause you found out the game was cold (Damn, it's cold)
We keep it hot whatever you like it or not
Where my whole entourage sippin' tequila body shots

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 2)
Now I just
Thought it that my eyes closed
From liquid chronic berries
Flow is how I sip those
I hit up on it
Now, I'm grindin' with two Latin chicks
They asked a question
Have I ever seen two ladies kiss (Have you ever seen two ladies kiss?)
I played the roll and told 'em
"Nah, love to see it, though"
From V.I.P.
To the back of my vehicle
The temperature is gettin'
Hotter on the dance floor (It's gettin' hot)
Cause when it comes to doin'
Dirt, I'm a man whore
And now I'm feelin'
Out of breath from the aftershock
Let's go to givin'
Each other tequila body shots
You probably wouldn't
Believe it, unless you seen it, too
I grabbed 'em both
By the hand, and asked 'em what they wanted Mr. Kee to do

Repeat Chorus

[Mr. Kee]
Oh, you know I keep it hot
But all the females
It's time to get up and shake somethin' on this one

Break: Mr. Kee
Just keep it hot, just keep it hot
Just keep it hot, just keep it hot, baby
Just keep it hot, just keep it hot
Just keep it hot, baby
Just keep it hot, just keep it hot
I keep it hot, baby
Just keep it hot, baby
Just keep it hot, baby

[Mr. Kee]
Now what you got?

[Verse 3: Sativa (Mr. Kee in background)]
A thousand dollars in my Gucci purse (Like that?)
These bitches hatin' on
Sativa, but I seen worse (Oh, she seen worse)
Another round of alcohol
For my home cat (Another round, y'all)
They treating me just like
I signed up for the Mr. Kee, a heavyweight champ
That's how we do, when we slide through (Uh hun)
Don't think about the tight
Jeans, all dark blue
If you can get me on the
Floor, I'm a do my thang (Do ya thang, girl)
A lethal weapon
Don't be steppin' all up your way
If you can't give me
What I need, don't you trouble me (Uh uh)
I'm in the back
V.I.P., sippin' bubbly
You think you got a chance
To hit it, well, I think not (Ha ha)
My destination is the
Top, to a clock, last call to get them body shots (Last call)

Repeat Chorus Twice

Repeat Break