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Artist: Scarface f/ Roy Jones Jr.
Album:  J Prince Presents: Realest Niggaz Down South
Song:   Stop Playin'
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That nigga Roy Jones slapped the shit outta some ho last night
Ho was all off in the nigga face man, talkin' bout
That ho was talkin' bout, talkin' bout, talkin' bout
Ha, ha what that ho was talkin' bout Roy
Ya just slapped the bitch huh, fuck it uh

[Verse 1: Scarface]
Two of the coldest off in the game to ever touch it
First niggas to talk shit and the last ones to fuck with
Bring niggas to rough it
Keepin' you bitches at a hush hush
Cause y'all don't wanna fuck with us
We dangerous, you don't wanna bang with us
You niggas ain't come as hard as you claim you was
What chu' think this was, some niggas rhymin' on a rap song
Dancin' on the video, lookin' like Arsenio
Really though, I spank niggas asses on microphones
Then I bust they ass in the chops like Roy Jones
Once again it's on, it's a must I keep it poppin'
Right hand followed by hook and ya can't stop it
I use rappers like spark plugs
Give em' a chance to get they hands out
Then pick they ass up off the canvas
Man what, if you ain't in the game then don't play it
Ain't tryin' to get ya ass knocked out then don't say shit
Wrong niggas to play with
Ya need to cease with all that bumpin'
Fore I whip yo ass like you stole something, playin'

[Soundclip: Roy Jones Jr.]
We got this sparring partner dude, he used to box
He's pretty good, and uh I beat the shit outta of him the one day man
I was just tearing his ass up
So they in the back shooting pool right
And uh, somebody said something to my friend
Was like come to the front, man why you going up there
He said man I'm going to get my pistol
And the dude I had punched was shooting pool right, ha ha ha
He stopped and started punching
And I started whipping him like that
[* Laughter *]

[Verse 2: Roy Jones Jr.]
Two of the realest from this street thang, just lockin' it down
Face, that's my ace but I got other dudes that be knockin' em down
By the pound, pound for pound, now how this sound
Scarface and R.J. hookin' up, J knowin' underground
But on the surface, we still gon' work these niggas, don't sweat it
And you think you thinkin' about crossin' this duo, forget it
Cause you can bet it's gonna be disaster when legends strike
Face super-tight on the mic and hot damn I can fight
So what would you like
We can do it on wax or on the canvas
But how would we do it, niggas won't be able to stand it
Now how you manage to let me and Face put this shit together
The best of the best in the studio and we still gettin' better
Ain't no lackin' y'all thought we was slackin' shit, Face packin'
R.J. on the side cause he know I got the brass backin'
I can handle shit with this lead hook or this straight right hand
But when it come down to this rap shit, I think I got the right man

[Soundclip: Roy Jones Jr.]
Tell them niggas how mad I was when you hit the floor man
I damn near, man I was so motherfucking mad man
I said quit playing man
He was playing, I'll kick his teeth in man
I was like quit playing man, whip that nigga ass, quit playing man