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Artist: DMX
Album:  Ruff Ryders: Past, Present, Future
Song:   Get Your Money Up
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[Intro: DMX]
Uh, this that shit right here
Grrrrr... WOO!!
Yo, aiyyo
It about the culmination (ABOUT TO GO DOWN!)
It's about, it's about, it's about

Bark if you want nigga
I gots to let you know, I got them things that'll get you gone nigga
When it's on nigga, we call it backfire
We air niggaz out, it's like a flat tire
We some grown men, on some grown shit
On some "you best leave me the fuck alone" shit
We get it on quick, you know what type of shit this is
But we ain't gettin drunk cause we don't need no witnesses
FUCK YOU to the judge, FUCK YOU to the police
Fuck the snitch in his fuckin ass, with no grease
We don't want no peace, war 'til we die
And we gon' get it in 'til we fall or we fly

[Chorus 2X: DMX]
Get your money up! (What!) Get your paper right! (Yeah!)
Get your money up! (What!) Get your paper right! (Yeah!)
Get your money up! (What!) Get your paper right! (Yeah!)
And watch a nigga do his thing for real, AIGHT?

Back on the grind, back on the clock
Comin back for mine, back on the block
The kid is, back with the Glock to stick niggaz up
Hear that meat wagon, come pick niggaz up
What nigga, WHAT? You keep a dick in yo' mouth
I'm from New York, but I'm STILL the shit in the South
Muh'fuckers don't wan' know about the Dog
And I ain't got no friend for, all of y'all
Look, shit now here gon' change nigga, for real!
Red dot on yo' brain nigga, for real!
I ain't got time for the bullshit
Y'all niggaz is mutts, I'm a full Pit on my way to the pulpit