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Artist: Tha Realest f/ Richie Rich, Scarface
Album:  Chronic 2000:  Still Smokin' (Suge Knight Represents)
Song:   Gotta Love Gangsta's
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Ha ha ha, mutha-fuckin' westside niggas
Gotta love gangsta's
(You got to love a gangsta)
You gotta love gangsta's
Tha Realest
Richie Rich
And mutha-fuckin' Scarface
Gotta love gangsta's
Why? How we ride
(You got to love a gangsta)

Who can we tell about our conversations?
Nobody, cuz these niggas always playa hatin'
Cuz we gangsta's
Every corner that we off 'n turn
So many niggas lost their lives, so our hearts were burned
Eternally, we talkin' cold to get our points across
Everybody know The Don is the fuckin' boss
Ain't no top secrets in the desk or hidin' dead bodies
Keep your mouth closed and never ever tell nobody
Or you'll be murdered
Get an alias, that's a smart move
So many snitches around, sometimes we often lose
From niggas bullshittin'
Breakin' down under pressure
I have no choice but to take some fuckin' drastic measures
Through-out the world, smugglin' drugs through the 50 states
And overseas, we ??? to communicate
Stay up on game nigga
Tattle-tale don't last long
Just remember these rules and then you'll stand strong
We never communicate with strangers
It's the last sucka
So you gotta love gangsta's

1 -     Gotta love gangsta's cuz gangsta's do thug shit
        I said you gotta love gangsta's cuz we don't take no bullshit
        You gotta love gangsta's because we mash for dreams
        You gotta love gangsta's because we ride on our enemies

Richie Rich! Ha ha ha 
Tha Realest
You know you love gangsta's
You like the way they do things
You understand me?
(Check this out)

Nigga tweek on it
But before you speak on it
Don't talk on it if you can't walk on it
It's deep, ain't it?
Picasso can't paint it
I'm tough wit it 
These niggas pass, puff wit it
Choke on it
Since Tha Realest spoke on it
I'll die wit it
Mutha-fucka get high wit it
I did it
He did it
'Face do it
Be true to it
Many niggas new to it
It hurt, don't it?
Nutty square niggas want it
But can't feel it
Ha ha, it take a gangsta to get it

Repeat 1

Tattoos cover my whole body
Alias name on the streets, they call him John Gotti
For puttin' in work nigga
Soldiers sometimes die daily
Don't shed no tears, cuz in my mind, only God can save me
No bullshit
Penitentaries can't hold my pain
They often set a nigga up for their own selfish game
And that's no lie
Open your eyes and peep this shit clearly
So many gangsta's have died, and they're missed dearly
And that's for real homie
Pick 'em out and tell me who
I got the last sucka, that'll love to go and do 'em
Twelve'll blast a nigga
Nobody knows his name
They only know his face
This is the introduction
To Mista Scarface

Gangsta love, shermy, Super Sport on dubs
Mobbin' deep in the club for the homies and thugs
Niggas who ride for they shit, die for they shit
Smokin' fry up in this bitch
Down to fire on this snitch
What the fuck are they yellin'? (Gangsta)
In love wit how we do that, pullin' away
Totin' 2 straps, now who dat?
Thinkin' they bad enough to run up on niggas who ain't givin' a fuck
Nigga you want some?

Repeat 1

Ha ha ha
Mutha-fuckin' gangsta's (westside)
Richie Rich
Mutha-fuckin' Scarface ride on them mutha-fuckin' ?rits?
3 of the realest gangsta's you mutha-fuckas ever heard
Locked down shit from the east, west, and the mutha-fuckin' south 
(The west, south, and the mutha-fuckin' east niggas)
Thug shit, thug shit
Gotta love gangsta's (gotta love us)
Bitch niggas run from us/Mutha-fuckin' gangsta shit