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Artist: Grandmaster Flash/Melle Mel & The Furious Five
Album:  The Sugar Hill Records Story: Disc One *
Song:   Freedom
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* organized by Rhino comp. for convenience regardless of original

Somebody, somebody if you wanna party say party, say party
Ah yeah
If you wanna party and thats a fact somebody say and you know that

[Melle Mel]
Melle Mel with the clientele
I'm gonna rock your chime and ring your bell
See I'm so bad and I'm so light
A lot of rhyme on a dime to make the world turn twice

And I'm Mr.Ness, that rock the best
And I'm ready to rock at your request
Go on, go on with your best
Raheim is gonna do the rest

So my name is Raheim
I'm a son of a queen
I'm the king of a castle
Don't give me no hastle
Young ladies in the place, put me on
When I'm a part of your life, you can never go wrong

[Kid Creole]
You say ah first my name was Denny Den
The secret weapon, the master plan
I'm slick, I'm cool, I'm solid gold
They call me the Kid Creole

I'm the C.O.W.B.O.Y. why
The man's so bad that you can't deny
And when you act the cowboy to play
I'm Cowboy, I never ran away

Grandmaster come faster
than any known cell to the bone
Fullgrown he's a one of a kind
And Flash is gonna rock your mind huh

Flash two times
Beat beat, you in the crew hold it
why don't you find somebody and party
I like this part
Get down
Hold up, hold up
Quickly now, quickly now
The bass was in your face
The highs make you nature rock
Young ladies in the place
Feel the highs, feel the bass
If you wanna rock till the break of dawn somebody say come on

The butter, the bread
The bread to the butter
C'mon everybody let's rock one and other
Hey ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Nobody rocks the mic like the five of us

[Melle Mel]
You say the bread to the butter and the butter to the bread
Don't be misled by what I say
You say dust to dust and ashes to ashes
? man cut, I'm faster than Flash is

You're the one

You don't stop and everybody hiphop
You don't stop and then find your ?
Just clap your hands and get on the go
Then you rock to the beat in stereo
And if you wanna help us get on the go
Scream it out and say ho
You don't stop
And if you wanna rock in to the broad daylight
somebody say, what it look like
What it look like
You don't stop
I'm gonna talk about the man that's the real McCoy
No other cool brother than Keith Cowboy
Went a eight and a half, 29 ways
A medium search take a look at my face
You check up my hair and then you look in my eyes
Cause all i'm here to do girl is make you hypnotize
Till you hip hop the shoobop dobop take a look on your arm {*fade*}