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Artist: Killah Priest, Remedy, Heart
Album:  Wu Music Group presents Pollen: The Swarm, Pt. 3
Song:   Testimony
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Killah Priest w/ Heart adlibs]
Yeah... Supreme Hebrew Intellect, Rem-D
Killah Priest, Iron Shiek from the Middle East
A/K/A Masada, 'Lipps, let me feel you
This is the Testimony... The Testimony is here!
(*chorus starts here*)
As it is written, my life, love, uh-huh
The present, man, they taught me
Words of a tortured soul, it is the weather

[Chorus: Heart]
This is my.... this is my Testimony
Brought around, I feel his presence on me
The demons often told me, these problems often crossed me
And I, I, I...

[Killah Priest]
My poems, my cribs, my money, my wiz
My accounts, all the expenses, all my amounts
Means nothing, from my eyes, I've seen thy coming
I sleep when I dream, I see kingdoms crumbling
Ask my pastor, visit rabbies, even got baptized
Six times, on the sixth day
I sit and pray, Bibles, Torah, send 'em my way
This tortured filled with me rage, these loyals buildin' for days
Open up the graves, givin' hope for the slaves
Like the Shuyah, Tribes of Judah, my life's the future
The past is in my notepad, you read it like the forecast
Revolution: warpath, execution, I wore rags
My head up, I talk to the clouds
Lords of Laws, please walk with your child
Cuz if they try to kill me, bring the jury
And the whole court will come down
Fuck these pagans, workers for Satan
Disguised through your lies, came through poor education
The world's lookin' for a leader, he's the head of the nations
Read it in revelations, believe it, if you're weeded
They final destination, will be their devastation
I could just picture wings comin' out of our backs
Open up the flap, the whole sky turns black
The economy, collapse, and that's that, this is my testimony


Yo, I was made in the grounds, way beneath the streets
Wrapped up in Hebrew sheets, resurrected
Supreme Hebrew Intellect, what you expected?
I inject you, you've now been infected
In search of a rabbi, I found Killah Priest
Lakihim, merushuliam, you pray, facin' East
In a land, soaked sacred, rebel for common error
Blood, sweat, tears, terror
Lost souls, angels, the dead sea scrolls
Hidden in holes, barefooted, walkin' on coals
Behold, I'm at the lion's gate, controllin' my fate
This is I and don't hate, Heaven skies could wait
The most high, most try to get close by
This is it, Words to Live By, voices cry
Now or never, do or die, thou shall not tell a lie
I'm a fly, livin' that live, testify