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Artist: Special Ed
Album:  Top Shelf 8/8/88 (Compilation)
Song:   This Mic
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I'm about to open up this mic and fix it
With fision in a vision
Like I'm in a television
Via satellite
You wanna battle, right?
Yeah, press the channel
Refer to your manual
You rhyme semi-annual
I make fresh rhymes... daily
Never did my school work
So they tried to fail me
Never told me nothing about Hailey
Call me Special Ed
'Cause they don't see what I see
Flight pilot
Keep your wallet
Give me your dedication
Druggy with your medication
Have ya waitin'
Out in the rain
For a train and a bus
I was made from dust
Style: hazardous
Church Ave., straight from Erasmus
I'm deep like the sea floor
I'll make you see four
When there's one
You be stunned
Didn't see me come, but yeah, I'm right here
Up in your ear like q-tips or wax
Either which one, relax
And keep still
Peep skill
As I get deep like a drill
In a molar
I roll like a stroller
Sold a
Whole lotta records in my life
I hop flights to rock mics
While you frontin' for the cars
Or maybe for the chicks
I walk right through
And I'm steppin' on ya kicks
Right to the mic
Front and center
Don't nothin' enter
This area is restricted
Too much heat, you need liquid
It's scorchin'
You don't wanna go there
I got it locked down... I did a show there
You don't wanna get me mad
I'll put you in a bag
And tie it
Like Wyatt
You'll get hurt
I'm much worse
I touch first
I don't scream and curse
I just breath deep
And I put you to sleep
Like hypnosis
Givin' you fatal doses
Rap ulcers
I rhyme aggressive
Get the message?
I bring forces
You can't stop
Like a pack of wild horses
Comin' back
To they extensions
I'm the kid everybody mentions
When you say: classic
When you say: lyric
Originality, performance and spirit
I don't wanna hear it
Bring it and I'll put it on you
And make you wear it
Where the stage?
Clear it
Anybody come near it
Let 'em come
And leave you shinin'
Red rum
And then some