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Artist: E-40 f/ Suga T
Album:  West Coast Bad Boyz Volume 3
Song:   Sick
Typed by: Lil Hustle

It's sick out here - 4x

It's sick out here look at the clouds
Look how dark it is out here
Look at all the cars with they lights on in the daylight
Another funeral niggas is stressing pressure busting pipes
Crooked cops want to read my rights, nothing but harming
Blowing shit like baby wipes, no search warrant
Dick off in your lig-a-ment
What they find, some straight instruments
I got the town buckled like a belt
Within a few, I bail
200,000  was the bomb had to think
Ten percent of that is 20,000
Inner-city bumping a thousand, suckas be dowsing
Finding Jerry cats and mousing, infiltrating and doubting
Uh, I don't know why we all so invious
Too many chiefs, and not enough indians

(Chorus - 4x)
It's sick out here
Sick, sick, sick, sick

There's fortune on the block
Every five minutes, here come the cops
I got a mouth full of hubba-rocks
And about 3 thou-wow in my sock
Plus a clock in ass cheek, Chairliggan's big brother
Stomach about to bust, no Medicaid coverage
In this game you can't be doofy
Got to have some game, can't be game goofy
Can't be out there claiming hard, when you soft
Squares are poking out of cars, tare that off
Take the scene that crowd
Be about your war, or a route


[Suga T]
What you gone do when they come for you
Better be ready better call your crew
If you don't pass the test, they'll put you to rest
Nigga stay on your toes, nigga be at your best
It's that thug shit, mean mugging nigga break bread
You get nothing if you ain't put nothing in

I heard they took the T out of trust, in other words rust
Where my real niggas, ain't no more of us
Quick to kill niggas, there's a lot of us
On a mission for that meal ticket on restriction
Incense burning in the kitchen, just pay the vision
Follow one time in my mixed up dirty piston
But barely working on my third uh-striking
On a good one man, everyday is thanksgiving

(Chorus - 4x)