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Artist: Rapsody f/ Anderson .Paak, Black Thought, Moonchild
Album:  Laila's Wisdom
Song:   Nobody
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[Intro: Amber Navran] (Rapsody)
Can we just sigh? Can we let go?
(What you know, you know)
Breathe in and sigh, just let it show
(What you don't, you gotta figure out)
(Ay P, waddup, baby? Guru said we on a different level)
(Shit's different, right?)

[Chorus: Anderson .Paak] (Rapsody)
Yeah, I thought I had the answer
But I could not solve it (Oh my God)
Even if you were to answer
I could not call it

Uh-uh, uh, nobody know nada
We all know the fate of Assata if Cuba don't harbor
Nobody know I'm harder on myself than lonely fathers
Watchin Mrs. Parker, these days nobody know who authored
rhymes of rappers on carpets, nobody know who real or not
Nobody still know who shot Big and Pac, I'm bothered
Prayed to our fathers for sins I committed summers
Don't nobody know how many, but we know our days are numbered
Oh my God, nobody know the true religion
So why nobody know to show respect and mind your business?
I know prison business, but nobody know how many innocent in it
Nobody know that cures for cancer been made by the chemist
Nobody know the +Cost+ of a +Dollar+ worth less to 'em, Kendrick
Nobody smart enough would ever say racism ended (That's crazy!)
I get winded by the weight of it all
Cause everybody talkin shit but don't know nothin at all


Nobody know I'm scared of personal shit
Cause everybody judge you, love to change the intent
Internet got no chill, nobody know how it feel to be an artist
Look nigga, this some marvelous shit (It's some real shit!)
Before politics, arguin real vs. radio hits
It's all hip-hop, you can't divide what ain't different (It's all the same)
Don't like all underground music, I don't hate all music that isn't
I was just makin it clap to Waka Flocka last Christmas, yeah
Clap for a nigga with her rappin ass
Nobody know if tomorrow promised, live like it's your last
Tell that crush you got you love 'em, they might love you back
Nobody know if we don't speak up, we don't know the math
(You don't know the math...) Google the name
If nobody know nobody can fill these shoes that I'm iin
Watch niggaz that joke around and say they just playin
Beatin me, your odds look better bettin Lieutenant Dan
could walk water barefoot and runnin with Forest chasin a van
If nobody know that, this gon' show you that I ain't playin, nigga

[Chorus 2: Anderson .Paak]
Yeah, I thought I had the answer
But I could not solve it
Even if you were to answer
I could not call it
If nobody, nobody matters
Why do I bother?
But I thought I had the answer
But who knows anyway?

[Interlude: Anderson .Paak]
Nobody, nobody else matter
Who knows anyway?
Nobody, nobody matters
(Yeah yeah, yeaaaah yeah yeah) Who knows anyway?
(Yeah yeah, yeaaaah yeah yeah)
(Yeah yeah, yeaaaah yeah yeah) Who knows anyway?
(Yeah yeah, yeaaaah yeah yeah)
(Yeah yeah, yeaaaah yeah yeah) Who knows anyway?

[Black Thought]
Yo, lost soldier wit the bars on the shoulders of my uniform
That makes 'em ask what I do and who I do it for
Musically, I been on my Chiwetel Ejiofor
That's +12 Years A Slave+, but I'm on year twenty-three or four
Been a lyrical +Grand Wizzard+ like +Theodore+
I'm on the same wave length my sister Rapsody is on
I love it when she get on her Bahamadia joint
If she wasn't true, she would've never gotten me involved
+Between The World and Me+ like Mr. Ta-Nehisi Coates
Nobody know the artist Mr. Ta-Nehisi quotes
Laughin at boars, they graspin at straws to sniff the dope
Pen been engaged for age,s we should probably elope
Nobody knows how I shoot for the stars or aim at the moon
Or how I put a Band-Aid pon a bullet wound
Or how no matter who you are, I'm just as good as you
If not better - shit, I ain't even sure my mother knew
It hurts, yeah 2014 was the worst year
I lost the only person aware of my worst fear
That's when I shifted up to fifth from first gear
And then I headed back to work and had church there
Oh, my God~!

"Nooooo - nobody, nobody" <- Moonchild

[Interlude: sample of "LoFi" by Ronya]
I am an open book now
Got a few chapters written down
Still a few to go
Couldn't think coming down 'til I say so
I think you'd better wake up now
I think you'd better wake up now...

Hello, hello, waddup, waddup? - (Mmm-hmm)
You know a girl around the way that rocked wit so-and-so-and-so?
The cute one that be rollin round? You know he fine as - (Mmm-hmm)
But word I heard they broke up, he was messin round with so-and-so
And her-and-her was goin at it, check your timeline - (Mmm-hmm)
Girl, this morning gossip wild and I ain't had my OJ yet
Lord, check your twitter, you readin what I’m readin? - (Mmm-hmm!)
You know the one that we don't know but name big in these streets
Well they fightin in these streets, you see that video, girl? - (Mmm-hmm)
Okay okay you need to talk, I got you girl, just please hold on
I know I'm nosey, there's always drama going on - (Mmm-hmm)
Oh wait, I'll call you back, you won't believe what I just saw
Girl, so-and-so just went and told so-and-so - (Mmm-hmm)
Don't know what started the beef but know they'll post it later on
My Snapchat poppin, girl, your Snapchat poppin? - (Mmm-hmm!)
Oh right, you wanna talk, you got some problems to get off
Okay, meet me round so-and-so at five or four - (Mmm-hmm)
I'll tweet it, it's no secret, add location so they'll see it
Where we are and what we eatin, you know how it go - (Mmm-hmm)
But talk to me, what's up wit you? Girl, what?! (Can't be true)
Damn yo that's crazy, you should post that on the - (Mmm-hmm)
Cause that's the wave nowadays, everybody show they moves
I know that's different than our code, for real girl - (Mmm-hmm)
The homies, streets, my momma said don't tell our business, no no no
But I gotta fit it and keep up with it, y'know - (Mmm-hmm)
...Oh wait-wait-wait-wait-wait, wait hold on - (Mmm-hmm)
I gotta tell 'em when I wake up, gotta show 'em what I eat
I gotta tell 'em where I'm goin and explain why I got beef
Gotta talk smack to these rappers we all fans of underneath
Gotta tell 'em when I shit and tell 'em when I go to sleep
Gotta Snapchat with my baby and if I DID smoke weed
I'd probably Snapchat that too - you know how it go, please
Even the police on Instagram, where the hell are YOOOOOU?
Wait a minute, I got a DM from my boo - girrrrrrl~!