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Artist: Rascalz f/ KRS-One
Album:  Global Warming
Song:   Where You At
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

Get out of the car now!
Pull over
Your rhymes is wack
Comin through on the track
KRS-One Rascalz like that

You'll get jerked, up in the neighborhood I run berserk
Respect the Phase 2, respect to Kool Herc
Time to do work, the microphone expert
When the plug insert the mixer, I spurt
I'm quicker to pick a rhyme and blow-blow your mind
If you look closely you'll see the stop sign
Cause my lyrical physique is tweaked to its peak
I'm brand new, at the same time antique
MC's be tongue-in-cheek when they speak, yet my technique is unique
I rock from here to Mozambique, you go take a leak
Your dialogue is analog, mystical digital is my lyrical catalog
Hogging rappers, clogging up rappers, smogging up rappers
KRS is mind-boggling
Eatin rappers like a White Castle with no hassle
As I unmask you the sixth member of the Rascalz
KRS-One from the Bronx, representin as we stomp, there is no comp
From America to Canada, lyrical stamina
Comin through like that on the track
Where you at

[CHORUS: Red 1] + (KRS-One)
Right here, so tell me what you want from me
(Where you at?)
Yo, right here where I'm supposed to be
(Where you at?)
Underground with that hip-hop sound
(Where you at?)
With the heads that be holdin it down

[Red 1]
Hey yo my turn to catch wreck, feel the effect when it connects
The body checks, the rowdy roughneck is on set
Intellect gun cocked, ready with target on lock
Unorthodox is my style cause it's for the hard knocks
Baldhead and dreadlocks yo, strictly hip-hop
We blow the shots and then escape from the cops
Cause we Criminal Minded and rhymin with timin
Like world domination we're custom-designin
Reclinin, so pass the hydro, let me hit it
Yo, I'm with it and committed for life, can you dig it?
The way we live it, we raw dogs with no muzzle
We don't shoot, we guzzle, and leave a puddle
To mark my spot so you'll never be where you should not
Yo, it's the Bronx and Van City just in case you forgot
Rascalz and KRS with the real hip-hop
Still housin in 2000 and we ain't gon' stop

Hey yo check it as I open your eyes, it's the Mr. Realize
I got the mic control, so now we bound to capsize
I flip a 48 for size, spit it just to mesmerize
Tantalize and energize, as the sun rise I snatch the prize
And got you open, now you scopin just to see 
How many MC's get dissed between us, don't intervene us
Plus when I bust, the impetus rush my conscious
To spit dope lines that make your heads fly like Pegasus
Yo, when I rhyme my gift is like genocide or homicide
I can't see any race that's safe and petrified
So I stab your third eye, make you see why we're too wise
The 3 guys that spit it on the mic bonafide
Ain't a MC from east to west blazin like Waco Tex'
Stop your heart and chest, make you feel it like stress
That tailor-made from KRS and Rascalz manifest
Beats to digest to get your head blessed like smokin sess

[CHORUS: Red 1] + (KRS-One)