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Artist: Rasheeda
Album:  Where Ya Been 12"
Song:   Where Ya Been
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Oh where ya beeeen
'Ol lyin' lil' fucka

Smell like another bitch perfume on ya
Smell smell like another bitch perfume on ya
Oh oh where ya been, 'Ol lyin lil' fucka
Actin like ya didn't have your cell phone on ya

{Verse 1}
It's about 4 in the mornin' (mornin')
Acting like you don't see me callin' (callin')
Now we done been here before
Last time I threw yo shit out the back door (back door)
Everytime I let you back in (in)
Turn around and do the same shit again
When you gon' learn you got a 10
Playin wit those hens you gon' lose your best friend (best friend) 
Just cuz you got a lil money (money)
Don't mean Imma sit home like a dummy (hell naw)
I knew you wasn't about nothin'
"Ol cheat, 'ol schemin, ''OL LYIN LIL FUCKA

{Hook 2x's}

{Verse 2}
You got me tickin like a time bomb
Betta take her back where she came from (take her back)
I can smell her perfume on your mustache
Talking mess Imma to the left yo ass
I'm too fly for ya anyway (anyway)
I won't play the fool another day (naw)
You had me though for a minute 
And I ain't shamed to say I've been played I'll admit it (I'll admit it)
This opprotunity comes once in a lifetime
Can't believe you wanna blow it on a half a dyme
I knew you wasn't about nothin'
"Ol cheatin, 'ol schemin, 'OL LYING LIL FUCK

{Hook 2x's}

{Verse 3}
Don't come in here tryin' to reverse psychology
You da hoe, don't try to point at me
Really though, Imma make yo ass see
It's 80/20, she ain't got shit on me (naw)
I'm da one who showed you how to be a "G"
And the one who gave you the house and key (keys) 
Don't make me break ya down to your knees
Any your credit wasn't shit NIGGA PLEASE
Dats what happens when you think you go it going on (on)
When I met ya lame ass you was so alone (so alone)
I knew you wasn't about nothin'
'Ol cheatin, 'ol schemin, 'OL LYIN LIL FUCKA

{Hook 2x's}