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Artist: Ray Luv
Album:  A Prince in Exile
Song:   Do Me
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This the ex song
for ex-friends, ex-girlfriends
and all them in-the-way-ass muthafuckas
that always got somethin to say
I dedicates this to you
Cause you know what?
I could never be you
and you could never be me
So I'm just gon' be me
You know what I mean?
I'ma do me

You could hate me all you want
But I'ma do me anyway (I'ma do me anyway)
No matter how you try to front
I'ma still do me anyway (still do me anyway)
You could hate me all you want
But I'ma do me anyway (I'ma do me anyway)
(Bouncin) while I smoke my blunt
I'ma still do me anyway (still do me anyway)

Before I had somethin you said I'd never have nothin
Treated like a scrub, couldn't get a hug
Couldn't flip a dub, nobody gives a fuck
I guess it's time to get off my mama's couch
Show the world what I'm about
I'm from the Lleyo
Where busters get broken up like some bagels
Tryin to make mo'
And ball on these busters like ( ? )
Still I break hoes
While niggas spend loot tryin to persuade hoes
Fuck ( ? )
They cross out the town, I need a bitch that's down to make dough
Cause all of my life I only wanted power and mail
And used to be real niggas turned sour and tell
They think that they're winnin but in the end them cowards fail
I'm free as Geronimo and ain't goin back to jail
Cause of these curbs just weak, sour and stale
In this world of deceit, trickery and blood betrayal
Pay back for your sins, old friends gettin impaled
By Hannibal The Great, how can I fail?


The root of all evil is poverty, no stoppin me
Do anything to get out, pimp a bitch or pull a robbery
My mobberies include pistols and pimpin tools
Lick hoes and cowards too
Boss up through power moves
Stay sharp, young nigga, till the game shower you
Begets bring empty threats from suckers without a clue
I'm disengagin, shakin the haters I was raised with
And triple h-in, get splattered across the pavement
Think you'll see a dime of my dough, you're freebasin
Trick niggas stay skirt chasin, macks stay work-lacin
Golddigers worth naythin; I want it all, let's go
Every dollar, franc and every fuckin peso
I'm money-hungry, can't even trust my closest homies
Money's why they want me, but lately I been feelin lonely
Everybody's phoney, it got me clutchin on my chromie
Doin mo' drugs, eyes hollowed-out out showin no love


First you must position yourself
Young niggas who got intentions of wealth
If you sharp, do it yourself
But keep your eyes on the first ones to offer you help
Cause ain't no friends at the end of the world
Life is nothin more than the will to power
Full of backstabbers and cowards
Savage beast, eat a weak and make you shit hours
Most niggas hollerin gangsta, quick to devoured
Cause the smart get power, the hard get flowers
Dear God, remember prayers of a square when I was just a ( ? )
Cause nothin in life's fair, learn young, nobody cares
Mad dogs with empty stares, we ain't fuckin around
Kill the top nigga in town, that's how we gettin down
Now the juice belongs to me and all my riders
Puttin in work for the kids is rollin SUV's
With six TV's, blowin cannabis ( ? )
Thugs dream about power but rarely they ever see it


You know
Just me, nigga
Represent me
Supported by me
From me
To me
I'ma do me anyway

You know
I'ma do me

Yeah though
Link Crew Hustler
Fem Diggle
and Hannibal The Great
Mobbin on muthafuckas
Is ya'll ready?
I'ma do me