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Artist: Inspectah Deck
Album:  The Resident Patient 2
Song:   Feel Good
Typed by: pneumatic

[Inspectah Deck]
Not Bentley on the rollie I just came with me
Aint flash no credentials, Still I got in free
Got the big boy whipper outside the lot
Watch the New York lean when I slide in the spot
Keep a diamond on my neck, Love to shine that bling
But like four or five dimes right beside the King
Fuck the V.I.P., Niggas spot me on the floor
With some clear Guess frames and a striped Velour
Got the Grey Goose bottle that's as big as ya see
In the club caught next to all the niggas who be
See everybody fucked up, Sweatin and shit
You could while for the night just don't step on my kicks
And if you feelin what you hearin Mommy hand on your hips
And make it clap like thunder to the snare and the kick
Slow wind for me, Like the chocolate fact'
Your just another cognac from slidin off with that
Yeah, I'm headed straight for The Hill
I got the carrot juice poppin with the plate in the grills
Sour diesel in the honey dutch, Puffin it up
Wide eyed on the East side, Stuck in the truck
Watch me lean on the turn heavy blowin the jack
Fly dime on my right side holdin a gat
You can see me on G. Street huggin the block
At the P.L.O. spot or with Ruck at the shop
Just tell me what you want cause we got it for cheap
The heads blown cause the heads know the product is heat
I'ma Stat boy, That boy do it to death
And the real recognize they aint tuned with the steps
You can never stop his, Stay watchin the kid
I got that Rick James aura all orange and shit
If you get me and you with me then lets all get smashed
Light your blunt up, Tip your glass, It's that feel good

[Outro: Inspectah Deck]
Yeah, That's that feel good man
When you feelin nice you feelin loose of that Grey Goose
And the cranberry juice, That's that feel good
Yaknawmean, When you in the party and you bag that bad broad
That look good in the day time, As well as the night time
That's that feel good, When you just bought that new car
And you smellin them leather seats
And you got your volume over ten, That's that feel good man
You rollin wit that right there
When you get some good brain when you on the F.D.R
Or you on the East side headed down town man, That's that feel good
Or when you hearin this shit right here loud and clear to your ear
That's that feel good