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Artist: Inspectah Deck
Album:  The Resident Patient 2
Song:   How I Get Down
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
For my brother Carlton Fisk, I love you nigga
I had to do it, I had to do it

[Inspectah Deck]
House Gang UndaDogz do it for pay
I would tell you killa rumors but it's true what they say
(What they say) He be poppin like he usin the caine
U.D.'s, Urban I, Another usual day
You can see me on G. Street twirlin the kush
Prime time, Nigga roll with a circle of crooks
And my G's put me on while I purchase the goods
What's the time, What's the reason, What's the word in the hood
I be movin so you know I got an ear to the block
Heard a voice then all I can hear was the shots
Killa Hills, The bad lands, We're the cops
Where we got popped just when you near the top
I.N.S. I've been there, Lived it and done it
Still grind though, I comb through the city for hundreds
Still shine though, The kid stay gritty and love it
And we aint them niggas you can get it for nothin

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
Yo, This is how I get down, Aint no fuckin with me
Listen clown I split grounds when I spit rounds, This is how I get down
Been beat and battered I'm still at it, How your boy won't sit down

[Inspectah Deck]
S.I.N.Y. crossin the water
See Stoney got the head crack, Four and a quarter
Big Unit, Pitchin this corner to corner
Gettin gwap, See my daughter gross more then Kimora
Two steppin to the thief theme, Real with this thing
True gangstas salute, Cause they feelin the King
Pop the bottle, Cause Daddy start doin his thing
While my goons in the bathroom stealin your bling
Man don't get it personal, It's only the business
All or nothin, The I.N.S., Know me to get it
Oak dash, Stone driveway, Linoleum kitchens
Big plasma with the game on, Robe and my slippers
Man the shit that I'm on they aint market it yet
Sick made with the swift blade, Honor my rep
New Jack City, Nino nigga, Blowin up fast
Get tossed off the _____ right in the trash

[Chorus 2: Inspectah Deck]
Yo, This is how I get down, Slice cakes and pies
Stack bread before my brother Fisk hit ground, This is how I get down
The joint pain I felt, Had to charge to the game myself