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Artist: Inspectah Deck
Album:  The Resident Patient 2
Song:   Monster
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Can you dig it, Can you dig it, Rahh

[Inspectah Deck]
These dudes don't want it with Deck no, My set glow
Hate it or you love it but your gonna respect though
And you aint got to know my name
Check the blood, Sweat and tears, For years niggas know I bang
I'm a made nigga cakin, What you call a boss
On my own two, Never takin orders from yall
What I spit get the corners involved, It's rep on the yard
It's House Gang, Son it's more then hard
The life that'll glamor and glitz
Best believe on the flipside nigga it's them hammers and clips
Wanna live it, High fashion and rich
So we scramble the strip, Camouflage with a hand on the grip
And aint nothin gonna stop kid from gettin his dues
No your feet's not big enough to fit in his shoes
I don't rock with the rap niggas, They be poor
On the wire, They just not H.B.O
They under fire, Cause heads around the way we know
They know they time up, Guess that's why they hate me so
But yo, They will never take me though
I'd have to go like Montana, Likin-sniffin crazy blow
And still I'd be hard to kill like Jean Claude
Warrior built, Big shield and long sword
One-six ohh in it, Doin it king size
Salutations, That's respect in a King's eye
For those that follow my lead
Attract to the light, At the same time marvelous speed
I'm so dope I could bottle it free
The most influential, Modern day marvel is he
And baby girl feel my swag, Big leathers and fitteds
Fresh kickers and my jeans might sag
And I speak like I know my shit
And half of you shine'n is payback, You owe my clique
Startin now is the shut down, Take it there, What now
Bust rounds, You get struck down, You blew up how
While you actin and lyin, I'm blastin the iron
Reveal Cindefella in just a matter of timin
And none of yall can walk my path
I'm bout to throw my darts on, Throwback to sport my craft
Yeah Daddy I was taught my math
So when I break bread with my teammates we all can have
We the last ones built like us
I used to have love for ya till yall niggas kilt my trust
Yall the types that'll deal in lust
The jealously, Greed, The Envy, It won't leed to much
It'll probably get you three in the gut
Or one in the head, Either way, Left leakin and such
The odds against me done evened up
They reachin the bus, It gotta be H.G. what the fuck, The fuck

[Outro: Inspectah Deck]
There's no retreat, No surrender
It's your big brother I.N.S. back at it
House Gang, We doin it King size
Urban Icon's the label, UndaDogz the unit
The Resident Patient part 2 comin to your hood
Feel me nigga, Feel me, Rahh