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Artist: Inspectah Deck
Album:  The Resident Patient 2
Song:   Monster 2
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Every now and then, There comes one, Who goes against all authority
Who doesn't conform to the norm, Who doesn't play by the rules
And he's labeled an outcast, A rebel even
Cause he'll stand for what he feels, And what he know is real
And he'd bow down for no one

[Inspectah Deck]
Another monster cup, I'm built ruff like an armor truck
Boss talk drive the mobsters nuts
House Gang, You mobbin or what
This is for my thugs doin life quick to cock it and bust
Got them H.G. tats on the arm
Packin them arms, It's real light not a act of mirage
Come and see if it's a fact or a fraud
The only time I go soft is prolly after smashin a broad
Right now I'm gettin stoned in the Jeep
Tonight I pop a bottle for Uncle Earl home in the street
Since a child I've been home in the street
I'm not friends with failure, Never got to know defeat
No retreat, That's the soldier in me
So naturally, I'm a capital O to the G
I used to flip big boulders of C
I had to change my lifestyle, Niggas dyin over a G
Still, My poetry's dope, My lyrics form lines of coke
The fishscale, Cop a line from Ghost
I'm a champion inside the ropes
Your not in my league, I'm not intrigued by your mindless quotes
I view the world through the eyes of a scope
And see all things before they try to bring my life to a close

Good Lord, Good Lord, Good Lord
Good Lord I said I feel like I'm dying
Oh Ohhhhh