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Artist: Inspectah Deck
Album:  The Resident Patient 2
Song:   Nobody But You
Typed by: pneumatic

[Inspectah Deck]
It's on when the pressures on
Lets get it on with the vests on, In broad day it's red dawn
My backs on the wall, I'll never fall purposely
I'm strapped for the brawl, For all tryna murder me
As I roam through the waist land, Determine to make grands
Hammers pockin out of the waist band
Trapped by troopers in Ray Bans, Fam I'm a made man
And I'm skatin, I aint facin the State can
For all means necessary, Like Malcolm with the shotty
Smokin by the window, Checkin all the games people play
The names people say, The by standers blood and all the strays people spray
How I get marked for death, Wanna bark and threat
Drama spark, Wanna scar my flesh
I can count on one hands, The dudes that I call my man
Ayo my man, I'm in tune when I walk the lands

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
It's true, Who gone lookout? (Nobody but you)
Who gone bring food? (Nobody but you)
Who gone watch your back dude? (Nobody but you)
Who gone hold you down? (Nobody but you)
When your backs against the wall? (Nobody but you)
When the chips are down? (Nobody but you)
When it's all said and done? (Nobody but you)
You all you got

[Inspectah Deck]
Born alone, Die alone, A million miles from home
Through this life cyclone I blow trees to higher zone
And fire chrome, Through these cold days and nights I roam
My minds blown, Street life the only life I know
I only trust a-alikes, And trust they will fight
And plus they will bust, They the type
To blast for the cause, And act off the wall
But yall, I aint gettin smashed cause of yall
So I keep duckin the Grim Reap, Cousin it been deep
I'm tryna make a couple of ends meat
Now I lay me down to rest, I don't sleep
If I should die before I wake then don't weep
Just pray I make it through the day, Or Mr. Ruger spray
A beautiful day, A high price for you to pay
I aint livin no lie, I'm just livin it fly
With no assistance, No one did it but I, You know