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Artist: Inspectah Deck
Album:  The Resident Patient 2
Song:   A Rebel
Typed by: pneumatic

[Inspectah Deck]
I thought I told you, I'm a rebel
You stepped in the pit of the flame
Your lost on Beat Street, I'ma throw spit on your name
How we got it you can get it the same
Son sick in the brain, Not to fuck with simple and plain
Hear the roar when they mention his name
It's like Mike when he score with like two seconds left in the game
Come through blue sweats and a chain
And I far from far fetched, The I.N.S. rep what he claim
Small change don't step in my lane
I rep too hard body, I click-bang, Give em the pain
With the slick slang grippin your brain
Shot gun with Miss Thing twistin up piff in the range
Nawmean, Can't get with them games
Your boy born with it, So how you gone get him to change
They only hatin cause I'm dickin they dames
Skate'n in the six or the range, While you whisperin names
You a lame throwin shit in the game
Piranha wanna see me in a state greens and prisoner chains
But I'm smooth like the groove to the listeners brain
And you only understand it if you been through my pain
Icey whites, Fitteds and frames, Hustle in my blood
Bet my seeds gone get it the same
Yes indeed I set it in flames, So ahead of my game
All aboard yall, Get on the train
Be careful this is real shit, Weapons'll blaze
Street slang, The heat make your temperature raise
Beats bang, The streets stay fiendin for days
He came, To represent a section of grain
Careful this is real shit, Weapons'll blaze