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Artist: Inspectah Deck
Album:  The Resident Patient 2
Song:   Sometimes
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
See sometimes you have to flash back, Retrospect
And see yourself, Sometimes

[Inspectah Deck]
Can I please get a moment to build
For all of my niggas that died in The Hill
To the babies bein born, All they futures fulfilled
For the ones die'n to live it and reppin it still
Can I get another moment for Momma
For holdin back tears that makes all the drama
How you prayed that I wouldn't waste my life on the corner
Never saw me as a burden growin up with no father
Everybody got dreams of the millions
I dream we stop sceamin of killin and start teachin our children
Let em know that they the most high, Reach for the ceiling
You don't have to be no Scarface bleeding for buildings
So I take this moment out for Sinyah
Surprised it took a birth of a child to open my eyes up
I made my own decision to wise up
So act like you notice, Stay focused let's rise up

[Outro: Inspectah Deck]
Let's rise up, See if it be like this
I aint even gonna rhyme no more
It's food for thought man, Get you a plate
A knife and a fork and eat this up
This that shit right here, Enough said