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Artist: Redman f/ Missy Elliott
Album:  Malpractice
Song:   Dat Bitch
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yo.. (Fuck that nigga, look at her toes)
Yo! (You know you like toes nigga)
Bitches be talkin too much out here (God DAMN mami, you the one!)
.. Dat bitch, dat bitch (Nigga that's that bitch right there)
.. Dat bitch, dat bitch
.. Dat bitch, dat bitch, dat bitch (Always poppin off at the mouth)
.. Dat bitch, dat bitch
Turn it up some!  Turn my voice up some
.. Dat bitch (Where the fuck you at?)
.. Dat bitch, dat bitch, dat bitch
Funk Doctor Spock (Where she at yo?)
.. Dat bitch, dat bitch, dat bitch (There she go, there she go yo)
(Nigga there she go) Over there that bitch (Nigga there she go)
(Nigga here we go..)

Yo, dat bitch - the one that'll shut her mouth
Don't give a fuck if not my album out
Dat bitch, that'll hustle too
Pull out the baby .380 ask, "Who the fuck are you?"
Dat bitch - that'll go out like +Army Men+
Dat bitch - wrappin her hair in Barbie pins
When the pressure's on, you'll find a bomb in your car
in your trunk on the road to Arlington
Yo, dat bitch - the one that'll take control
Brought me a 2-way when my pager broke
Dat bitch - that'll love to fuck, take it in the butt
When the Doc comes, she won't wipe it up
Dat bitch - that'll whip a car better than me
Yo, dat bitch - splittin cigars better than me
Dat bitch - tattooes on her back and arm
And you see my name when the track is on
Dat bitch - that'll jump out dolo
With her toes in a pump with a shotgun pump out
Dat bitch - that'll roll proper, two phones
One for tricks and one for callin the Doctor
Dat bitch - that'll give me brain when I'm thinkin
Dat bitch - that's makin me more insane than a ink pen
Dat bitch - that ain't scared to whup her kids
Know to bail Doc out when my ass in the precinct

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Dat bitch, the one that'll shut her mouth
That'll keep it on the low what I'm all about
Dat bitch, when I'm on the run, she give me a gun
* 1 - Hide me out at her father's house
* 2 - Hide me out at her momma's house
Dat bitch, that'll give me brain when I'm thinkin
Dat bitch, that's makin me more insane than a ink pen
Dat bitch, Doc need a real bitch for this
go-rilla, rilla, rilla, rilla

[Missy Elliott]
I'm dat beatch, B-I, T, C-H
Won't fuck a nigga until it's payday
Make him think I'm in love, oooh baby
Fuck witcha nigga, makin motherfuckers hate me
Dat beatch - I'm in the classified
Dat beatch - make a nigga go and buy me a ride
Do you know who, I be?
I'm the M-I crooked, letter Y nigga
Bad to the Bizzy Bone
Quick bitch talk shit night long
I run shit, done done shit
Pop a gun shit, slap a bum bitch
Dat beatch - yo you heard it first from me
Dat beatch - ain't nuttin but the same O.G.
Dat beatch - I'm, rollin and strokin
and jokin and workin I'm


[Missy Elliott]
Heyyyyy, you're the only one for me
Reggie Noble.. keep it gangsta.. eh-hehh, mmmm
She's the one, she's the one, only one
Heyy-eyyy, lives her life, pays the price
When she keeps it gangsta, yeahhh-hahhh
Ohhhhh, yeahhhhahhhh.. {*fades out*}