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Artist: Redman f/ Bun B, Method Man
Album:  Redman Presents... Reggie
Song:   Lite 1 Witcha Boi
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[Red] Aowww!
[Bun] What the fuck is THAT?!
[Red] I'm 'bout to light my medication!
[Man] Hey yo Doc
[Red] Whattup?
[Man] Let's do this shit
[Red] Okay then - light one up for ya boy out there
[Man] Yo, let's go

[Method Man]
I like to fly the friendly skies until the sky fall
I got them frequent flier miles, I hit the Sky Mall
I'm on that red eye flight, you see the redness in my eyeballs
Homey ain't no question that I balls
I'm fresh as Pine-Sol, what you smellin is trees
Me and my bredderns inhalin watermelon and cheese
I clear my head like Magellan while he's sailin the seven, seas
'til armageddeon just waitin 'til I'm a legend
Please! I am legend, a veteran in my profession
No guessin it's Meth in this session, you smell this herbal essence
Ain't nothin like a first impression
Sky's the limit, and sometimes I'm so fly, I need a flight extension

[Chorus 2X: Redman]
Yo I know I smell good, when I walk by
I catch sky miles, cause I look high
And plus I look fly baby take a Polaroid
And when you done with that light one wit'cha boy

Yessir, aiyyo
I've been in every hood around the world it never fail
Soon as they smell that aroma they say light the L
Yeah, they see me flow, +Half Baked+ like Chappelle
I guess I swim AND smoke like Michael Phelps
Yeah, type the e-mail, tell 'em I got the bud
Females, I got 'em locked, like Casanova Rud
Lookin at my Roley I got time like the Culture Club
And since we off the hook, MMM, I'ma roll it up~!
Girl you know whassup, Friday we gon' get it in
I'm gonna tell you shut up, you'll say "Say it again!"
Now light one wit'cha boy to let you know I play to win
And tell them other emcees they life paper thin


[Bun B]
Pass me a cigar I'll bust it open then I'll dump it out
Dig into my bag of tricks and pull a lil' somethin out (hold up)
That medical marijuana that's pharmaceutical
When I break it down that shit be stickin to my cuticles
The banana kush that's perfect for a gorilla
I twist that motherfucker up and fire up the killer
I put a lighter to the ass end and start smokin
then pass it over to Reggie Noble and now he tokin
And puff puff pass nigga, don't be like the last nigga (naw)
Gave him a blunt and all he gave me back was ash nigga (naw)
Just tryin to smoke somethin (somethin) then hit the crunk spot (spot)
And shut that motherfucker down with the Funk Doc!

[Chorus] - 2X

[Bun B]
God damn Red~!