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Artist: Reef The Lost Cauze f/ Brother Ali
Album:  Big Deal EP
Song:   Big Deal (Remix)
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Ladies and gentlemen. We have an unprecedented event here tonight
Reef The Lost Cauze has got Brother Ali live from Minnesota
We about to tear this joint down y'all! Ha ha!

[Verse One: Reef The Lost Cauze]
Since the days of Tonka I had been a monster
Me and Ali cold as Lake Minnetonka
Don't nobody rep Philly harder
Record labels wanna holler 
Man make me a bigger offer
Or step to the rear
Cause you can't by freedom or respect from your peers
See that check hasn't cleared
You can't withdraw that
That ain't hip hop homie
What do you call that?
You programmed all wrong, uninstall that
Mad people doubted me
Come on, crawl back
Eat humble pie as sure as the sun will rise
If hip hop is dead then I'm motherfuckin' mummified
With the slow walk, arms outstretched
This is my house homie, you're all my guests
I'm remodeling, rippin' up the floor
Speak on mine, give a fuck if you kick us off the tour like blaow!
How you feel about it [X4]

[Chorus: X2]
We been nice since we was on a big wheel
This is Cauze and Ali homie, this a big deal
We been in this game for years and we still ill
So what you rhyme homie? 
Big deal
How you feel about it [X4}

[Verse Two: Brother Ali]
I've been nice since I was on a big wheel
Buying out Mickey D's 
Make it rain kid's meals
Back seat of the station wagon rappin' at the top of my lungs and my mom yelling "Sit still!"
I'm quick with it and sick with it
I find a hole in the flow and stick my dick in it
Talk ten pounds of shit a minute
Pour piss out my boots and I'm back to my business
It's been scripted and written
Signed the Most High in his infinite wisdom
For me to be this prophetic prolific
Uplifted and all synonyms of gifted
How could you be expected to resist it
They insist upon giving my pinkie ring kisses
Listen kids this is just simply a symptom of the condition I live with
For instance 
I receive love letters from my listeners with murder convictions
So inspired by my in-scriptures
That they can envision their way out of prision
Been nice since I been on a big wheel
Screamin' at the top of my lungs like I'm Vince Neil
Linebacker style playing king of the hill
Knock 'em down show 'em how a fat kid feel (ALI!)
How you feel about it [X4]

[Chorus: X2]