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Artist: Reef the Lost Cauze vs Guns-N-Butter
Album:  Fight Music
Song:   I'm a G
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ CHORUS: Reef the Lost Cauze 2X ]
I do it, I does it, I did it, I done it death
You pussies is hatin, you're mumblin under your breath
You really don't want me to go up under my vest
You smarter than that, come on, you smarter than that

I-I-I-I-I-I'm a G

[ VERSE 1: Reef the Lost Cauze ]
I'm on my grind, baby, cause I want the life
The Golden Child, I-I-I want the knife
You know it's the Cauze, I move on it
Don't pass me a beat like this, I'll puke on it
Drop bombs, add nukes on it
I won't stop till my driveway got coupes on it
The Crow Magnum, the flow classic
Varroooom, blow past 'em
Did I get in they ass? Just go ask 'em
With no vaseline, no faggot
I'm the Cauze, the new Chuck D
Guns-N-Butter my Bomb Squad, nigga, duck these
Hits in your face, fit in your place
Break you down pound for pound, get ripped into eights
Me myself, I'm smokin grand daddy purp
And you ain't been hot since my grand daddy worked
And that was even before you probably birth
So that means you were never, just not to be heard
If you see me in a nice whip, got to be hers
If you say that this is the shit, I gots to concur

[ CHORUS: Reef the Lost Cauze 2X ]

[ VERSE 2: Reef the Lost Cauze ]
I got 'em hooked like fiends now, they need a free fix
I got work on your block, this is Reef's strip
Every 15 minutes I move 3 discs
Got 'em comin back cause they high off each hit
I give 'em a little sprinkle like I feed fish
That was nothin, my dude, yo, peep this
Stu made that, huh, taste that
Now look, they doin laps like a race track
The great's back, 'I was puttin in work
I took time off while other rappers got jerked'
Without the happy ending, it's so classic, isn't it?
If you could rap like this, yo, that'd be different
That means you have 'em hooked like -
But you can't write songs, ill hooks like -
I'm in the kitchen, 'bout to cook that pie
Shit so gutter, we just make it look that fly
It's so easy for us, no competin with us
You're starvin out here, no eatin with us
So on they face a heap of disgust
I left him eatin the dust, did he need it or what?

[ CHORUS: Reef the Lost Cauze 2X ]

[ VERSE 3: Reef the Lost Cauze ]
I don't make hyphy or B-more club
I be down in B-more with B-more thugs
You want it with me, homie, you need more thugs
Four words to describe me: I need more drugs
Right now, put your fuckin mic down
Nobody wanna hear you, homie, wave the white towel
The fat bitch clearin her throat, so pipe down
When she sing I'm pullin that thing - lights out
Me and Stu Bangas holdin two bangers
Mortal Kombat, I will Liu Kang-ya
I'm old familiar, you new stranger
We on some Infamous '95 Wu banger
Put your Timbs on, tighten up your Northface
Bang somebody to this, catch a court case
Smack the shit out of anyone tryina play you
I'm a G, I still got beef with dudes from grade school
Hey you, fall the fuck back
Guns-N-Butter, that's what the fuck I call crack
And with Cauze on it, you know I put my dogs on it
The crown is mine, don't put your fuckin paws on it