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Artist: Reef the Lost Cauze VS Guns-N-Butter
Album:  Fight Music
Song:   Intro
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

I ain't pull up in a cake whip
I appeared in the mist, ridin on a slave ship
Docked at James River
Where they used to hang and maim niggas
In the same picture they'd exclaim scriptures
Cocaine and liquor, I was born into a tenure, a fitna
Drug wars for 40 years, nobody richer
I had priors before Richard, bills before Cosby
It's not comedy, I'm starving
I'm at your dance party, ice-griller
Wonderin aloud "What is wrong with these white children?"
This ain't hipster rap, this that official vicious rap
By the aristocrat of rippin cats
You missin that, I figured that
The kid is back and no, he didn't slack
I'm on my job, y'all, until we get it back
Cause you hate it too until my face is blue
I race with you and drop these koons 'fore they labels do
I can divide, I know times table too
I'm out to lunch, check please at table 2
You just a farmer, I take out your stable too
Oh you crazy, I'm a little unstable too
It's all good, I'm all about my paper too
But I live this shit and this is somethin you get paid to do
See the difference, people listen, then enlighten
Fuck the fame, see what the game did to Mike Tyson?
Damn, that nigga livin in a bus station
Then they got the nerve to wonder why I'm filled with such hatred
From where the bus fare raisin and we know how the dust tastin
Cause guns bust on every occasion
You speak of one nation, we don't count as much
Chinamen make a thousand bucks for sellin the same amount of Dutch
Masters to young bastards who cut classes
Tap asses, sling crack and get blasted
By someone they used to have class with
It's not tragic, it's a part of the package
Over money that coulda been replaced
I know you read the news, my dude, but in all truth, do you see a face?
The one that looks like mine and got shot nine times
And he ain't signed to Dr. Dre
And he's dead and the brother who did it locked away
This is my life, I got a lot to say
Angry nigga sent here to piss you off
I ain't doin the jiggaboo strut, no sir, no Chicken George
Before that I'ma kick in doors
This is not reform out here, young boy, this is war
And if you're not prepared you will die violently
The real, not what rappers try to be on channel 93
God confides in me
So I see I have no right to be anything aside from what I'm designed to be
Every day He remindin me
That I'm the Lost Cauze, my dog, but I didn't decide to be
Every day He remindin me
That I'm the Lost Cauze, my dog, but I didn't decide to be