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Artist: Reef the Lost Cauze
Album:  A Vicious Cycle
Song:   Thug Fantasy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: movie samples]
You ever dream... of havin everything you ever wanted
All the money, all the bitchAZZ
(Fly rides and ice, right? Ha ha, yeah)
That's what we... call a thug fantasy

[Chorus 2X: Reef the Lost Cauze]
Exotic beaches, laid up on a canopy
Private planes, smoke the finest haze with my family
Keep a million stashed in the marble mantlepiece
Guns butter and bitches, thug fantasy

[Reef the Lost Cauze]
Mahogany minks, dinin at the top of the Sphinx
Glasses clink as we gobble our drinks
Astoundin chains with impossible links
Crystal china with coke residue powder on the sink
In the den where I twist haze, lust to get paid
Roll with killers who been gettin figures since the 6th grade
My whip game is impeccable, incredible
Fly through in this spaceship, extraterrestrial
We professionals, invest and hit moves
Sick coupe with the big shoes, nigga I'm a big dude
Make big moves, headlines are normal
My lawyer Rico beat the RICO, fed time and all
But no more baggin up white, I live the glamorous life
Bought a new crib for Mag and his wife
My whole fam eatin cabbage and rice
Lobster tails with wine, I'll have a glass of the white


[Reef the Lost Cauze]
Blowin the hardest indo, all black Ferrari Enzo
Can't see my face behind the tints and thick smoke
Futuristic, Atari and Nintendo
Shorties lust the pimp stroke, nigga cause I get dough
Break bread, party with my kinfolk
Penthouse hotel rental, we keep it simple
Relax fitted, move at a boss tempo
The feds know info, we never let them know
No longer eatin chicken wings and shrimp rolls
Personal chefs and trainers, the body is a temple
and all that jazz, dog we spent all that cash
Look at shorty dancin with all that ass
Toast to champagne ya, closin deals on the SkyPager
I made you, gators in nine flavors
Luciano shit, we getting mob paper
You know the sayin, laugh now and cry later


[Reef the Lost Cauze]
Aiyyo I wrote this, to show kids
that got it confused with show biz, it's all hocus pocus
These rap niggaz talkin all this coke shit
But they don't never tell you where the road ends, it's viewed with a closed lens
Because of thug fantasy, I've lost close friends
And I don't think you understand when you quote them
So to quote Jada loosely
You wanna be like Tony Montana but you ain't see the whole movie
Them boys comin for you, either to lock you up
or the kind that kick in the door ski masks gunnin for you
I just wanna warn you, it's easy to do songs like this
but honestly, I don't wanna bore you
It's okay to dream for riches in life
Money, cars, bitches are nice but it's a ridiculous price
If you ain't livin it right, don't be feedin into these rappers
cause most of the time they just spittin the hype