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Artist: Rhymefest f/ Elzhi, Little Brother, Twone Gabz
Album:  Dangerous: 5-18
Song:   Get Plugged
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Say what say what what? Ooh. [x4]
RTC. C'mon.

[Verse One] [Big Pooh]
I'm on a home but a true nigga
I'm like, "Yo, listen up this is what we need to do nigga
We gotta tighten up the screws nigga
I got a crew you got crew, now we both need to move nigga."
I figure that the world ain't wanna know
And now I realize that the world is really slow
People now sayin' what we said a year ago
Funny how it happened but I guess it's one to grow

It's one to grow on
The show will go on, so forth and so on
Cause we the new leaders
Used to think D boys was killin' the culture
But these conscious niggas ain't bout shit neither
So now I don't even sweat the labels
I fuck with real niggas that's tryin' to do shit
So peace to Bun B
Wayne and Slum V
LB, Rhymefest nigga that's the movement

Family, that ain't just talk
Run, hop, crip walk
5-4, get ready for lift off
Keep lyin', we knockin' your lips off
Kiss off, get lost
Fuck him
Don't buy it, his loss
I'm bringin' the love back
Trust that
That ain't a hard hit, them is love taps
And I ain't underground I'm above that
And them ain't 22's them hub caps
So killer, where your mask and gloves at?
A breath of fresh air my heads clear
Fest here, hell yeah
Get power, sell fear
Hell's Kitchen filmed here
Chi-Town, my town
Stay fly cause Dave Jeff gave us the fresh gear
And still we stay plugged in the city
Gettin' love from the thugs and the girls lookin' pretty
I ain't rough, I don't shove, I'm just rubbin' them jilly
And forget the secret service like the governor's with me

[Chorus 1] [Rhymefest]
Plug city
That's the clique
Now you know who you ridin' with
Terry Hunter scrap dirt, we don't quit
And you know you'll never see a...
"Better love"
Coney Rock
Ready ride
To the top you know we won't stop
Plug City you know we won't drop
And it's never gonna be a...
"Better love"

[Verse Two] [Rhymefest]
You know I ride for my family Errand
Whether we in a Lexus or a Camry
Take a seat if you can't stand running
I got the sacks fifth from my granny Annie
And he
Got so much love for the squad we even start to look alike
You can't tell us apart
We do the impossible
You couldn't tell us it's hard
And the teams so loyal people tell us it's art
But naw

It's the Vill of the mid-west
The realest, they feel Fest
We kill it when five spitters deliver
Just created a menace when they let us in a sentence
So I gotta make noise until we get evicted
Can't judge me
I'm my worst critic
So I teamed up with dudes that know about lyrics
Our style is different, the flow pattern is vicious
Y'all go and applaud 
We fam now, we did it

[Twone Gabz]
Did it, done it, got it, good
Now keep it movin'
Your flow is okay but, aaaah, keep improvin'
You just mad y'all not so plugged
And we keep Jewels with us like Osco Drugs
Styles is like "boows"
This is a movement
You a bitch, put it on if the shoe fit
This new shit
Outta nowhere like bird flu hit
We all we got
Plug City is my crew bitch!

[Chorus 2] [Rhymefest]
H2 (C'mon)
Papa San (where you at?)
Jo Jo she rockin' them honeybuns
Plug City we ahead of the times
And you know you never see a 
"Better love"
Shadow Cat
Wiz Mat
Twone Gabz we gon' put you on the map
Animal House always bringin' the crack
And you know there'll never be a
"Better love"