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Artist: Rhymefest
Album:  Dangerous: 5-18
Song:   Martyr
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[Verse One]
Yo, yo
Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years
Feds know my name, motherfuck my peers
This is real hip hop in your god damn ear
Not that fake bullshit you listened to last year
Rhymefest, I'm fresh and healthy
Chi-Town Castro, call me El Che
I'm finna win or die, no ties or stalemates
On fire crashin' through Hell's gates
Without Kanye or Mark Ronson, it's me in a clutch
None of that other shit y'all can say is a crutch
Fightin' off sheer will and misdeal
The ride of my life is stick shift and it's all uphill
I'ma reach my throne, I'ma write these songs, I'm write my roles
Please God, take his strength, make me strong
Let my son understand if I don't come home
I got, lots of cake, got zeros to make
I prepare like a martyr with the videotape
Mom, Dad, please be proud 
When I go off and blow myself up in the crowd
Take as many fans with me as the Lord will allow
With that I wipe sweat from my brow
Let's go!

[Rhymefest talking]
It was....actually, when I wasn't around Mark Ronson in New York. 
I wasn't around Kanye, wherever in the world he was. 
I saw J Records deny every song that I put forward sayin', "This not gonna be on the radio." 
"That not gonna be on the radio." "We can't put this out like this." 
And I realized...I'm was on my own.

[Verse Two]
Biggie said he was +Ready To Die+ and he did
Pac asked, "Is there a +Heaven For G+?" Yes it is
Now-a-days you got parents gettin' raised by their kids.
Sellin' dope to put food in the fridge, fridge, fridge
Heard a child say, "It is what it is."
Naw son, the game is what it gives
If you ain't ready to die, maybe you don't deserve to live
This ain't suicide
I'm a martyr coward!
This is the 49th Law Of Power
Kill everybody involved, whether y'alls or ours
On the east coast I saw how they cause them towers to fall and shower
The whole world paused for hours
In Chicago
We like to march and rally
When the cops shot a kid in the back of the alley
In the back of his leg, in the back of his head
In the back of the back and threw him in the back of shed

[Rhymefest talking]
Everytime somebody says "Rhymefest", they wanna be like, "Oh me beat Eminem." 
"Oh he wrote +Jesus Walks+." Yo man, I've done so much more than that. 
Like, there's so much more to me as an artist you know what I mean? 
To Rhymefest, there's so much more than a talking points. 
Like, you know everybody put those talking points on him.

[Verse Three]
If you don't bust guns than they'll call you a chump
If you don't push packs they'll sell you a pump
I'm rollin' with fertilizer and a fuse in the trunk
Just cruisin' tryin' to not hit bumps
Just tryin' to keep my cool but it's percolatin'
I hope Allah's got my virgin's waitin'
The show goes on when the curtains rake in
Momma wanna know what the murder rate is
Screamin' out, "Plug City!"
Takin' every motherfucker that I can with me
Military civilians, women and children
Fuck theories, I'm puttin' big holes in buildings
And I'ma stay on my deem
? Raheem
Word to King, I'm a man with a Dream
But I GOTTA take one for the team
I'm ready