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Artist: Rich The Kid f/ Famous Dex
Album:  Rich Forever II (Mixtape)
Song:   I'm Cool
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Famous Dex:]
Playing bitches just like 2K
I'm getting money everyday
Yeah I'm tatted on my face
A 30 right up on my waist
All these niggas don't know y'all
I'm flexing in my overalls
Matter fact be the Goyard
Fuck the school, no report card
I'm doing drugs yeah I'm booted
I'm flexing Cam Newton
You run up on me man you stupid
My chopper on me he get foolish
Wait, BasedSwag got all the cash
We flexing on they ass
We riding 'round in the Jag
You try to rob us do the dash

Pop me a pill now I'm geeked up
I'm flexing my Jeep bruh
10k for the feature
Who is dude I don't see him
His bitch name is mamacita
I took that bitch on a cruise
I don't even know the rules
I'm balling hard and I'm cool

[Rich The Kid:]
Woke up bought a check with rings
Rich Forever pockets clean
Run it up be a boss
Two rings cost a house
Fuck her, leave her, I can't keep her
Smoking strong like Wiz Khalifa
Good little freak I'm a break her back
Real nigga, trap out the laundromat
Put a chopper through you dirty
Goyard hunred thirty
Diamonds straight beating, they busting
Now I'm rich as a bitch had nothing
Louis on me cost guap
I was thirteen running from the cops
Diamonds in my wrist watch kick box
My dick and your bitch do the lip lock