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Artist: Rich The Kid f/ Kendrick Lamar
Album:  New Freezer (S)
Song:   New Freezer 
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Rich The Kid]
Ayy! New freezer
You know what it was when you SIGNED up (ayy)
Dat way (yuh yuh) yeah dat way

[Chorus 2X: Rich The Kid - w/ ad-libs]
My bitch too foreign, need a visa, I don't need her
Pull up, drop top with a eater, two seater
New bitch wanna fuck to my AP, new freezer
I woke up thinkin' 'bout bands; hop off a jet to a check when I land

[Rich The Kid]
Ooh, money way (money!) diamonds, flexin' (flex, woo!)
I woke up rich, spend a grip on a necklace (yuh)
I put the plug on three way (plug!) Maserati go speed race (yeah)
Drop a baby on a bitch face (woah) more ice flexin' this way (ice)
We put the world on the wave (wave) don't give a fuck cause I'm paid (woo!)
More Act' in a lemonade (Act') the pharmacy knowin' my name (name)
I fuck that bitch cause she bougie (she bougie) she suck my dick in the movies (yuh!)
Trap jumpin' like 23, she a foreign lil' freak (freak)

[Chorus] w/ ad-libs

[Kendrick Lamar]
Ooh, big shot (hol' up, wait) peanut butter insides (no)
Outside, cocaine white, body look like Gentiles (Gentiles)
Rule of the day, get a view every day
Get a bitch with a tan by the pool every day, get a clip with a plan, give a jewel every day
I never sleep, I gotta eat, I gotta dance
I Milly Rock when I get that advance, how can I shop with like 64 M's?
Talkin' to Top about bid'ness again, he want a lot with new Bentleys again
I want some top from like two sets of twins, twenty, twin, twins, yeah yeah
Ayy bitch (bitch) where your friends? Yeah yeah (hol' up) 
Switch (hol' up) she won't end, yeah yeah
Fallin' in, fallin' in, bundles of flowers
Like Parliament, never know, big dawg like ours

[Chorus] w/ ad-libs