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Artist: Rico Pabon (Prophets of Rage) f/ Kimiko Joy
Album:  Louder Than Fiction
Song:   I Am Resistance
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[Verse One]
I sing for all of the youth who are seeking the truth
and seeing right through the costumes
who know that when the main stream news crews do interviews
they're just human cartoons
just paper thin, ink and imagination, man's creation
more like subliminal training or political campaigning
They have the nation's opinions daily swaying with justification of slayings
I wonder why and does it coincide with the high rise of the homicides that we're facing?
Deterioration of education, it takes a back seat to world domination
that's why we hustle in the back streets, plus, even pack heat just to eat no exaggeration
On the front lines, that's where they station our bloodlines to die
when, today, right here in the western hemisphere
They're still living in fear of you and I
When them immigration come crack down, concentration camps all around
Now, more reason to keep increasing the policing
Decreasing the freedoms of blacks and browns
Upon every town, in every city, ghetto and mountain range
Times are strange with glorification of impatient ways
Who's really to blame for colonization and crusades?
Insane cowbows staking claims, human beings bring change
We are resistance


[Verse Two]
And they've been trying to get rid of my kind, ever since the beginning of time
cuz I'm directly descended from those who defended our lives and bloodline
I'm what made the plantations burn, and made people like Tubman return
even after her death, her spirit inspires fire, such a lesson to be learned
I fill the maroon and machetero, and I bring quilombo, remember the Congo?
I'm the feeling of being free in your memory, I'm the sound of the bongo
I'm bomba, I'm plena, I'm palo. I'm the rhythm that you follow to find your freedom
To understand every man is the higher plan in this universal language that we're speaking
I'm reason, I'm love, I'm even reaching the thugs
And the government tries to deny me by keeping y'all high off them drugs
But I'm fortified in my foundation, creation made me stable and patient
I'll be waiting there to greet you whenever you come off of vacation
saying "selah, selah", I remember who you are
my name is eternal truth and those who know will call me Rah
Selah, selah, I remember who you are
I am eternal truth, and my story is written in the stars.... I am resistance