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Artist: Riff Raff SODMG
Album:  Otis Freestyle *
Song:   Otis Freestyle
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[Otis Redding]
It makes it easier, easier to bear, yeah
You won't regret it, no no
No, girls they don't forget it
LOVE is their home, happiness, yeah
Squee... squee... squee... squeeze her
Don't tease her, never leave her

[Riff Raff]
40 points, glass on the toners
Isotone flash card, Flash Gordon
Flamboyant, hot on boil
You like boys, I pull up in the boysenberry Benz
Hot way back when
You was hot way back when, Boyz II Men
When the men-a-pause, you wanna see the men?
And then you pause, I make a autopsy out your body
Family, mantlepiece
Pull up in the Mickey Mantle fleece, wooden wheel unleashed
You standardized, I gotta understand
Capiche? I pull up with the tires hot
They on fire, cheeks, scorchin
I pull up in the torched Benz
Pull up in the Wheels of Fortune, rap game Pat Sajak
in the black Maybach, with no braids
Braided up yes - no snap back
Why they wanna stretch me out?
Piece to chain rely on my chest, now they wanna spring test
Spring up the toaster
Pull up in a drop Testarossa, glock out the holster
Five days out the week my picture on your sister's poster
Black Omarosa - it's a cold cold world
It's a cold cold world
I used to, turn boys to girls
Now I pull up in the bowling ball swirl
I'm on bowling lanes, I got propane, I'm on fast flames
Fast track train
Uhh, fast track train
I'm in the Lamborghini, you in the fast track Amtraks
I live the life of a Tampax tampon
Go to sleep, leave the lamps on
Leave the... leave the amp on
Speakers blown, now you pull up with the Equinox
Leave the E clips on, leave the
Leave the Mitsubushi, I pull up in Tahiti
I give you the heebie jeebies
Leave the trunk open, leave the trunk super soaked 'em
I went to sleep, woke up the bitch was in Oakland
Open star, open wind, ocean wind
I got Ocean Spray, pour it for a side of taka
Taco vodka, you and Latka locked up
You lookin like a lobster, I pull up your ball and pop ya

[Otis Redding - 4X]
Squeeze her, don't tease her, never leave her