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Artist: Rittz f/ E-40, Mike Posner
Album:  Top of the Line
Song:   Inside of the Groove
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[Intro: Rittz]
Ya-uh-yeah (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Uhh (uhh, uhh)

[Chorus: Mike Posner]
Ain't I so smooth?
I know that you like the way I move
When the clock strikes two
I'm gon' have you inside of the groove

[Mike Posner]
Inside of the groove

Tatted up with my jewelry on
My shoes lookin so brand new
Stuntin like Mont-Blanc Legend on my clothes
Bein broke is a no-can-do
And I so can't lose
My, team stay winnin, we can have any girl we choose
We in the A-T-L
but we be partyin like we in Cancún
Double shots of the Avión with no lime to chase
'Bout to wipe the slate clean and ride the wave
I got a diamond bracelet, designer shades
Suede retro nines, look behind the drapes
When neighbors sleep we was geeked up wide awake
We makin money when the clock strikes two
And the kids say "Rittz, I wish I was like you"
Ooh, ain't I so smooth?
Yeah (yeah, yeah)


Oooh, pullin up in my slab
I'm the man with the Mac
I don't rap, I trap
But I look like I rap
Me and good dudes cool (cool)
Me and fake dudes ain't (ain't)
I play by the rules (rules)
A fuck boy I ain't (ain't)
I ain't with that old sucker shit
Gettin money is all that I'm familiar with
Diamond clusters all on my fist
Rolex watch cost 46, thou-ou (thou-ou)
Used to be broke, now I'm a cash cow (cash cow)
I'm the plug, got the jug and my pack loud (pack loud)
Hella love in my hood, smokin Black & Mild (Black & Mild)
Bitch motherfucker I'm smooth (smooth)


I made a bunch of mil', I'm 'bout to celebrate
I probably should be rockin somethin tailor-made
They wishin I would stop but I accelerate
I got a bottle and some molly in the cellophane
Some purple liquid in my cup, no Welch's grape
I got a couple more notches on my belt to make
I gave that bitch my number
I ain't sittin 'round waitin for my cell to ring
And this a lost, cause, our, squad
Messin up the room leavin drawers, bras
layin on the floor, leavin bars, straws
layin on the table by the vase, y'all
lookin at me like you seen a star
When I pull up in my car everybody like wooo!
Rittz up in this bitch and I'm like true
Ooh, ain't I so smooth?
Yeah (yeah, yeah)


[Outro: Mike Posner]
Oooh-hooooh {*4X*}