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Artist: RJD2 f/ Phonte
Album:  The Colossus
Song:   The Shining Path
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If your friends only knew
how bad they stare
By not being you
there would be bloodshed
So you keep it to yourself
The comfortable life you live
Don't make it look easy
Hide the means you achieve

[Chorus: Phonte]
It's a shining path of light
through your secrets
It's a shining path in your mind
to run free
Lah-lah-lahhhhhh, ohhhhh
Lah-lah-lahhhhhh, ah-ohhhhh

If you walk among them
as a comrade
They won't see the albatross
that lives in your shadow
But maybe your worry
is just a red herring
And all this time you're
the only one caring

[Chorus: Phonte]