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Artist: Rocks the World f/ J-Boo, Madam Scheez
Album:  Rocks the World MC's
Song:   Bring it On
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Madam Scheez (J-Boo)]
Yeah, uh, Madam Scheez up in this piece tonight (J-Boo baby)
Yo J-Boo (whatup?) tell em what's crackin out here in these streets
(Yeah you know how we do baby) QB to Cali baby, check it out, what

[Madam Scheez]
Hold down the fort with no fear, we all here
Massive, no mercy, call me worthy, the realest for real
Find the time to recognize, look in the eyes of a prize
Fuck around and ran across the baddest bitches alive
Take time to use caution, weigh out your options
Cuz ya'll falling off is too often
I be the one to floss men like Mami's home
Time for big pimpin and the crime is on

I keep it thoro with these bars I spit
Late night in the pit, bangin hit after hit
Ain't no tellin how I come smash on this
NY collabo, county stash on this
Yeah we keep this shit bangin to the top of the line
Whoopty whoop, nigga what, at a drop of a dime
It's the takeover, straight shaking em down
Got em shook by the way my team breaking them down, so bring it on

[Chorus: Madam Scheez (J-Boo)]
Hot shit, bitches got it locked
Won't stop cuz it don't stop (bringin it on, what)
Real niggas came to rock the spot
It won't stop cuz it don't stop (bringin it on, what)
Hot shit, real bitches on the block
Won't stop, cuz it don't stop (bringin it on, what)
Real niggas came to rock the spot
It won't stop cuz it don't stop (bringin it on, what)

[Madam Scheez]
I be like the checkmaster, here to help this pawn
Got my mind crumped tight, once again it's on
Redbone, too much, knicky knock when I bust
Spit shit, get shit, but it's never enough
Madam Scheez, nigga please, ain't no fadin me black
Ya'll suckas keep on hating cuz I got it like that
Come on, I be the one to rock, rock your body
Hit up the club and turn out the party

You can jump up in the pit that you feel the flames
You know the code, never go against the grain
And I'mma ride to the death of you got my back
Any bitch tryin to front gon get blazed with that
Just hit em up, let your soul lift up
It ain't a game, we can all get buck
But when it comes to these streets, you be pressing your luck
Stick and move baby, that's whats up


[Madam Scheez]
Real bitches make the world go round
And, uh, real niggas steady holdin it down
And, uh, punk snitches get a whole in the ground
And hood rat bitches stay strictly hood bound
I'm like the fly type, always hangin with the guy type
Do or die hype, on the grind to get the cash right
The right type, seems I'm going in the limelight
Brining on heat harder then the concrete

Yeah you know I stay reppin my block
QB, throw it up, we be blowin the spot
With my westside pretty thug, bangin em out
Big Scheez baby, holdin it down

[Madam Scheez]
Without a doubt

Unstoppable, who you know fuckin with this?
Ain't no click alive comin harder than this
So bring it on, or we could just thug it all out
I'm on my grind in the bricks baby, holding it down

[Chorus X2]

[Outro: Madam Scheez (J-Boo)]
Yeah, Big Scheez, J-Boo, QB to Cali collabo
(Rocks The Worlds baby, for life