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Artist: Rocks the World f/ 40 Glocc, Born, Champ Diva, Littles, Riggamortis, Shells
Album:  Rocks the World MC's
Song:   Get Live
Typed by Davida.b.

[Intro: Born]
Oh baby, exclusive, Rocks The World, Big Shells
Littles, Champ and Riggamortis, 40 Glocc and Big Born
Alumni, baby! I'm gon die, ya'll better spin this like 20's on the strip

Look you boys is crazy, the game got a problem for real
Plus Shells pack heat like foaming grills
What you know about a cadillac with lift up doors
All thirty two inch rims sitting on a six four
Look, chicks give me play automatically now
Cus my (dick) get jaded like a rainbow now
I'm always fronting in a ride, I can't stay in the movie
I let the top off like chicks in scary movies
Forget about where you reppin holmes
Cus I'll put a hole in your head like a peep hole
And you can tell that this kid gon make it
Cus I was getting ass when my neck was naked
Now they see the tool, lotta cash, lotta jewels
Earings look like two swimming pools
I blast tools, I ain't never killed a man
But you can be the first left spinning like a ceiling fan

[40 Glocc]
Glock spit shells, yeah that's my name
You see we hold heat like pots and pans
And the block so hot, look at the cops, they got tans
Ya'll don't stand a chance when the barrel's at ya
Bump this in your jeep or your ghetto blaster
I don't ghostwrite for niggas, my name ain't Casper
Except the fact that you a lame bastard
I'm trying to get cake and get out the game faster
Clowns swing from my balls like a circus master
Poppin off at the mouth will get you hurt alot faster
When I launch off missles straight from NASA
All you weak ass wannabee me rappers

[Champ Diva]
Yeah yeah yo, pretty thuggin all rude
Look at my grill I'm a bitch with a nigga attitude
Quick to knock the next contender out of line
I'm one of a kind and I don't like to waste no time
Get a hop and hip to this shit, let's make it pop
Tear the roof off this mutha, there ain't no stoppin
I'm hot to def, I rolls with Mef
Light it up, smoke it till there ain't none left
Now who's the best, holding down the title the belt
You want the drama? Man I'm going out for self
Don't need no help, so thirsty I taste blood
Feel the tentions and watch it, don't show no love
Haer no evil, that's how some turn to thugs
Get my drift, but not right before the balls hit
Go on and talk slick, wrap your lips around the fat clit
Ch-Bloaw, you're fucking gone now

Ayo ayo, I  step up in the place, gators on the feet
Heavy on the waist, glocks, nines, mac 10s you name it
Before rap, I was famous with the gat
I'm dangerous, I'm nothing to fuck with sonny
For the love of money I dress up bummy
Drive through in a daily and your whole block ugly
I'm musically gifted, I draw out pictures
If rap don't work, I resort back to biscuits
God forbid rap divorce me, streets cost me
Five years and I still got the system on me
Niggas mourn me and I'm still breathing
I need to know if there's a heaven or hell I sleep in
Everyday bears a new face
Tears rolling down the cheeks of friends, as we morun yet a new rate
I write my life, but I'm trying to get free
When I pass, you feel the breeze, still smell like trees

Rocks The World now, bout to show you wack cats how
I pack that style, when you act foul (cock cock bloa)
Ending niggas careers, getting figures for years
Now more rapping prison tears, accepting Grammies as souveniers
We got the shit on smash and ya'll love it
Fuck a slice of the pie I want all of it
I'm gravy in this game you potattos are all smothered
Shoot dice without cash, it's all covered
Me and my niggas all thuggin, no holds barred
Competition, listen, we shitting on your whole squad
Word is bond, when Rigga drop, ya'll niggas is ghost
Adios, get off your post, slap cowards with toast
There's about to be some changes now
Baller's clear the lane, I'm wild, or I'll catch a flagrent foul
Spit that nickel plated stainless style
Tell your family to rock black suits and bring flowers muthaflu