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Artist: Roc Marciano
Album:  Reloaded
Song:   Deeper
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Uh, waddup bitch?

Smoke shit, daddy what you know about it?
Pimp shit, what you know about it?
So what you know about it?

[Roc Marciano]
Uh yeah, 8-ball corner pocket, my hustle, can't knock it
The game chop it catastrophic, I'm after the profit
Pull a salad out the stocking, it's poppin
I popped in the cherry blossom
Rocked the lockman in the cockpit
You frontin like you hot shit
Shake out, dress understated at the steakhouse
Spaced out, deep in the game, I pray I make it out
Two bitches naked on the couch, crouch
Gold Porsche, I'm a clotheshorse
Your boss thrown in the trough, the blow's soft
Throwin salt on pork
You're done, prick him with the fork
Dip him in the sauce, linen cloth
Lay on the king, blesses to my offspring
Sip the water from the spring, it ain't a thing
Patent leather ski mask, my feet pass a G and a half
Pull out the fast European cab - crab
Call it the cooler, I'm basically a jeweler (Word?)
You tryna fool a consumer
Cubic zirconia, I copped the coat in Mongolia
And spoke harmonious at the podium
Hold the soda...

Smoke shit, daddy what you know about it?
Pimp shit, daddy what you know about it?
So what you know about it?
I won't allow it

("You wit a pimp tonight, nahmsayin? A real pimp, yanahmsayin?
  Y'know, a nigga that's internationally known, nationally recognized
  and locally accepted, ya dig what I'm sayin? I mean, it's some REAL shit
  Not that on the corner fake shit"

 "That's all and good but I mean-"

 "That's the problem, you likes to talk, baby. But you know what?"
 "That's not what I meant...")
[Roc Marciano]
Uh, twist a nino, my bitch like Ginger in Casino
Pink tuxedo, show machismo
Clean your clock, soft toe Reebok
Peacock move like a robot, stove top
Stan Smith her, Rod Laver
Cock the hammer, sixteen in the clip, one in the chamber
Sure-footed, the Porsche dashboard's wooden
Muh'fuckers bite the bullet
The six forty seats is like puddin
It's the position I was put in
My bitch arch her back, I slid the wood in
Can I kill it? Funkadelic George Clinton
Keep it pimpin, more convincin, without the tension
Mini mansion, Mr. Belvedere Benson
Honey dip lit up a Winston, not to mention
Expenses to prints is pretentious
No pretend shit, tennis kicks, tinted lenses
My thirst for the chips is tremendous
It's never ending, it's a win-win
Uh, now come again, see

Pimp shit, daddy what you know about it?
Smooth shit, daddy what you know about it?
...Pull a hoe up out it

"I'm rollin with you all day and fuckin night
 Whatever you need to be done, we gon' do it
 And I'm gon' roll with you and see that it gets done
 So that we can make this dough, straight like that!
 Cause I LOVE - MONEY! And I know that money loves me
 Cause when I got it, I shows it love also, you understand?"