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Artist: Rok One
Album:  Beat Up the Bouncer/Rok One's Crazy 12"
Song:   Beat Up the Bouncer
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I ain't on the guest list
I ain't VIP

Welcome to our wonderful establishment
Ladies lineup to the left
Guy's lineup to the right
No single (?) tonight
No jeans, hats, sneakers, two-ways, anything hip hop
And you with the wife beater don't even bother waitin on line
Thank you and have a good night

[Verse 1: Rok One]
Ayo I'm getting restless (Why?)
Watchin the bouncer check the guest list
He just let six chicks past us (That's to be expected)
Man, sometimes guys can be so sexist
Yo I don't push an Ac or Lexus
Pack nine or rock a platinum necklace
I'm just tryin' to party like the next kid
Mack dimes and maybe cop some breakfast
I don't act reckless (naw)
And I like to have fun without being disrespected
But sometimes (?) be on a power trip
Have you waitin' for an hour, you know how it is
Forty below Zero in the dead of winter
The whole club passes you before you get to enter
And you can't move cause your bodies frozen stiff
Icicles startin' to form from your nose and shit
And the crowd behind you is startin' to get heated
Don't panic, you're far from being defeated
If you can't get in to the jam, here's the plan
Just beat that bouncer down right where he stand

You gonna let 'em show disrespect? (Hell No!)
When you step up in the discothèque (Hell No!)
You better keep that bullshit in check
So what if you're the bouncer dude, you're still gettin' wrecked
It's a threat!

Gonna let this cat diss your crew? (Hell No!)
There's only one of him and six of you (Hell No!)
He's a big dude, this is true
But the bigger they come, the harder they fall
Somebody hit this dude!

[Verse 2: Rok One]
A different night, a different club, same lame shit
Bouncer tried to hate on me cause I ain't famous
He gotta Six Eight frame and damn he's brainless
Attitude like he got something up his anus
Askin' every woman on the line what her name was
But they ain't hollerin' back cause they's high maintenance
And he's about Four Hundred pounds and quite heinous
This is when I made his unfortunate acquaintance
Talkin 'bout:
(I'm gonna need to see some ID homie)
(And by the way, tonight is VIP only)
Oh really?
(So unless you frequent this scene/
there ain't no chance you gettin inside sportin' Hats, Sneakers and jeans)
I said don't try to play me for the herb son
I am VIP: a Very Impatient Person
You tryin' to diss my gear? What's up with chu?
He said "Fuck you white boy and fuck your crew"
I was like "Whoa! Don't even go there slick"
I can see this argument is going nowhere quick
And just for that he caught (?) of my whole damn clique
He didn't co-operate so yo that's it
It could be drama for a cat if he's sleepin'
Don't realize that I'm holdin sixty deep
So we forced are way in to the place, left him unconscious
With timberland tracks imprinted in on his face


[Verse 3: Rok One]
One night I was out with my peeps
On line at the 50 Cent album release
It was supposed to be free until eleven
It was Ten Fifty-Nine before anyone got let in
Again I see another girl cut in front of me
Again I'm face to face with a Suge Night wannabe
Coppin' a cheap (?) searchin' my personal for weaponry
They wanna check my ID, damn don't you recognize me?
(Who you?) I'm Eminem, better ask around
This cat couldn't see my crown because my hat was down
He grabbed it and said "Your hair ain't platinum, clown"
Said I bought "Just for Men" and it went back to Brown
(Yeah whatever, you ain't gettin' in asshole)
Oh did I say Eminem? Yo I meant Fat Joe
(Fat Joe? Man you look like Kate Moss)
Well lately I've been going through weight loss
I'm Jay-Z
(What? Jigga's black, you's not)
I got the same skin disease Michael Jackson got
I'm the manager for Britney Spears (Yeah right)
And Big L (Big L's been dead for six years)
Oh well, I guess we'll switch to plan B
Fuck talkin', it's time to start the stampede
We didn't like his attitude
So y'all brothers know what we hadda do
We bumrushed the door