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Artist: The Roots f/ Dice Raw
Album:  ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin
Song:   Black Rock
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(Black Rock)

[Dice Raw]
Yo what's for breakfast? Same as yesterday
Oh, that's right - cheeseburger and a 40 ounce
Then what's for dinner? Nothing, nigga!
But last night I had dreams of a porterhouse
Fo' real fo' real I feel like, cattle in a slaughterhouse
But fuck that, throw one up, yo here's a quarter ounce
It ain't no hydro, but it gets you high doe
Them niggaz look like cops but what the fuck do I know?

[Chorus: Dice Raw]
At the end of this tunnel, it's red and blue lights
Guess you pay the price, seem you never do right
One thing I know all I did is wrong
Maybe there ain't nowhere I belong
The only thing in front of me is a bullet in the head
They're hopin one day that they find me dead
'til then I make a place in this world
For me and my baby girl - yeah yeah!

[Black Thought]
Yo, the dead drop way until the A.M
Mumbo Jumbo niggaz onomatopoeian
Call it how I see 'em, ain't no rhyme or reason
I'm in some different bullshit everyday just like per diem
I done been with, with animal anguish
So love no bitch, die rich as the language
Guilty of sin, dependin on the reeds shakin in the wind
Just a question never answered out here lookin on its end