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Artist: The Roots f/ Dice Raw, Greg Porn
Album:  ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin
Song:   Understand
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Never understand

[Chorus: Dice Raw]
People ask for God, 'til the day he comes
See God's face, turn around and run
God sees the face.. of a man
Shakin his head, says "He'll never understand"
People ask for God, 'til the day he comes
See God face, turn around and run
God sees the face.. of a man
Shakes his head, then He says "Man, I'll never understand"

[Dice Raw]
Never understand, never understand
Never understand

[Black Thought]
Gravedigger, dig a hole that fit a black nigga
My body's stiff as a Madame Tussaud's wax figure
My transformation: a caterpillar from crack dealer
And backpedaller was no less, than spectacular
Yeah I was trappin money, flippin like a spatula
Now put that sucker in a box like Dracula
I led the devil in a dance, an electric slide
across the line I drew up in the sand - dead, ended
Love is like a harlequin's romance
Lost between sips of liquor, that empty bottle in my hands
It was a shot away, but I never got away
Dreamed a little dream of me, but that was an anomaly
Yo, people ask for God...


[Greg Porn]
Holy, sugar, honey, ice tea
I guess that's a prayer for a player like me
In my church clothes breakin buds on a bible
The sweet temptation of my granddaddy rifle
Got me thinkin 'bout doin a jihad with these guys
Who only +True Religion+ look better than Levi's
Who baptize glass with beers and blood stain
You preachin to the choir that praise the drug game
Hallelujah~! 'Til the cops cuff me in the back of a cruiser
or the firetruck wash my soul down the sewer
..I count my blessings
and blow it on a nun to resurrect my erection
I pray, I pray, all dogs go to heaven
Or to a new hell with a WiFi connection
So I can pay for my sins on PayPal
or own a holy ghost, a Greyhound