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Artist: The Roots f/ Greg Porn, Modesty Lycan
Album:  ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin
Song:   When the People Cheer
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[Intro: Greg Porn]
Lights, camera, chemical reaction
Attracted to a body of lies with fat asses
Thank the most high for the high of high fashion
My art of war is killer couture, denim assassin

[Greg Porn]
Am I-Am I a douchebag or just another du-rag
tryna get ahead/a head on some brand new-wave shit
For your entertainment, money is the language
So every time I speak I'm tryna make another payment
I do 'em dirty, sleep and get a dirt nap, that works
Tell my P.O. ask me where I work at
Think I woulda learned that sleepin in the bird trap
Livin on the run like somebody tryna burn fat
I don't give a fuck, now maybe that's abstinence
Or the arrogance of someone who ain't got shit
That think money over bitches is a stock tip..
(Tip, tip, tip...)

[Chorus: Modesty Lycan]
I live in a trap where things go crack
Wake up in the boxes with a box of Apple Jacks
Everybody acts like God is all that
But I got the feelin he ain't never coming back
So I got an angel that answer my prayer
Floatin on the cloud that I blow in the air
Nobody wins but nobody cares
They just want blood when the people cheer

[Black Thought]
I'm down to 95 dollars, that's the extent of my riches
Out of 99 problems, 98 of 'em is bitches
Out here holl'n, what's ironic is I've honestly been tryna do
what's right, but some jawn legs +In the Air Tonight+ like Phil, Collins
I'm a sex-addicted introvert, sucka for a pencil skirt
Lookin for a shorty comin from work, that I can pervert
On my existential grind, doin consequential dirt
Searchin for physical pleasure if I don't go mental first
Molly poppin, trolley hoppin, know somebody prol'ly watchin
That ain’t stoppin me from coppin a feel, karate choppin
in this after-hours spot, watching mami body rockin
First I feed her vodka shots, then she eat my Johnnie Cochran
Livin fast, drinkin Capt', one of them hoes even had
the audacity ask, me how long this thing would last
I said, "You wanna pay for class? Get on that stage and shake your ass"
She keep a dick-in-a-box and in an emergency break the glass
I make her laugh, she makes it clap
And then she gives me lap dances and I'm thankful that
She keeps providin the place for me to be unfaithful at
(be unfaithful at, be unfaithful at, be unfaithful at...)