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Artist: The Roots
Album:  Do You Want More?!!!??!
Song:   I Remain Calm
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I remain calm, lyrically I got the bomb
when you put me on, I remain calm
(repeat 4X)

[Malik B]
It's the 'I remain calm' but for jurge to erk
Come out my humble go berzerk and make you swallow your smirk
I splurge most and bash, capacitate mass
I fascinate as I assassinate and show task
Characters and egos, get crushed in trust
And my words stampede like herds in a dusk
Cream of all crops, topics I drop ?
When heated up, I gets hotter cause I'm proper
You never knew the levitude the clever few
Different tax for revenue man if you ever knew
the tac-tic, strategies, of word, ca-pa-bil-ities
Display, de-cease
the rhythm, and man how it swerved and curved
Made a niggaz dream but his hope deferred then stirred
Dig the mentals, Papermate, Bic's and Number 2 pencils
My credentials blow on instrumentals
I write an anthem throw a tantrum and remain handsome
Mysterious vibes, like I was the phantom
Erupt abruptly, then conduct amaze
You're fucked when the lyrics get bucked because I graze
Never animosity, on my property
Niggaz acropoly, or they feel extreme monstrosity
Wreakin leak out the verbals ? don't forget it
The chief of edit then Malik'll shred it yeah I said it

I remain calm, lyrically I got the bomb
when you put me on, I remain calm
(repeat 4X)

[Black Thought]
That nigga Thought flows like a river I deliver
styles like Domino's, eyes closed I inhale
equality follow me now son
Listen my divisions advance I surpass one half the rap mass
the other half, want my autograph, because I got
soul plus a ghetto stroll similar to Shaft
It's the mic rapers, splittin Phillies in the cellar
My acapella verse, can stomp, I delete comp
My rated X, larynx, wrecks your context
I'm complex, confusin, lyrically amusin, I drink brews
then when I'm groovin I'm no longer human
I'd like to take this time to give a shout to all the money makers
in the house galore they help me turn it out
I whip the cap to the max, I'm laid back, like your gramps
I make, niggaz embarrased like they spendin food stamps
I take, my time when I rhyme lovely, me nah like
ugly like, God we get odd to the rhythms
Rappers thinkin of steppin up, what the fuck you're doin?
I amplify the hymn to bring your empire to ruin
Who's your girl screwin fellas?  Jealous because I'm fly
Keep my sneakers dry, when you cry-baby
See I can have you headin for the border like a ReFugee from Haiti
Aiyyo, this brother drivin my cab, tried to flip, saying
"Pay me in advance" -- I asked him if he ever danced
in the dark, with the rap devil, Black Thought
See niggaz who get caught off guard remain scarred
into air, with headphones remainin on the domes, they hair
I resound and astound and scare, I reign terror
into another nigga rap era, my rhymes sedate
I lubricate, like aloe vera
I'm extreme, restin in the land of the plot and the scheme
Peace to ? Rock and the Equal Team

I remain calm, lyrically I got the bomb
when you put me on, I remain calm
(repeat 12X)