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Artist: The Roots
Album:  Do You Want More?!!!??!
Song:   Swept Away
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MC's who slept for days, must be swept away (4X)

[Malik B]
The rhythm just sways, and like a sorceress I slays
foes, and ri-vals, who wanna come
this way, they, better pay attention
or a penchant not to mention suspension
from the microphone, plus the tension
Trey-eight oh's will vacate those
if there's drama with my henchmen
So lamp to my man Mussolini
Go get your whole staff, call the calf
cause half-and-half's couldn't cream me
The lyrics make your head knock
Malik B and BlackThought, the dreadlock
Mannn, transss-gressin
you'll catch lead I, crushin
poundin on the drums like King Kong
We can ring your bellll, ding-dong!
I styles with my vocab-ulary
The Roots the one to call your ultra adversary
Now you're all desert cause I'ma serv ya like a tray
to meet your doom Malik's the boom so you get swept away

MC's who slept for days, must be swept away (4X)

Yo, hello everybody do I need introduct'
I be the mic mercenary very un.. clear
to your ear the exquisite pattern that you hear
It's known to be Black Butta Baby
Crazy cardiac my attack on any fat rhythm
that I capture kid I snatch the mic from tykes
while I proceed.. and continue.. to tend to
business, cause this is, how I do
I'm insane, and go against the grain like freight
Never on no nigga dick, cause I'm just too hip
Plus I rest where niggaz pack and never act
other than ill, shit is real in Phy-double
So if you want trouble let's stomp
My mission is to flip on comp
You might aspire to be flyer than I, you must pay
your dues while I bruise niggaz new for the day
shall be swept away

MC's who slept for days, must be swept away (3X)
MC's who slept for days, must be... I'm on a mission

.....: There's somethin goin on :..... (refrain repeats)