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Artist: The Roots f/ Joanna Newsom, STS (Sugar Tongue Slim)
Album:  How I Got Over
Song:   Right On
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[Chorus 2X: Joanna Newsom]
We should shine a light on, a light on
and the book of right on's right on, it was right on

[Black Thought]
Yo, I try to get it how I live it
A lot of people counting on me, kinda like a digit
It's a cold world, I'm not fronting like it isn't
It's no time for coming up shorter than a midget
Y'all know I'ma raise the bar though like Bridget
See there a star go, don't blink, you might miss it
It's precious cargo, you gotta be strong to lift it
The light comes in different types, be more specific
Shit, I'm Black Thought, what could be more prolific?
For this love, I go above and beyond a limit
I told y'all I'm above and beyond a gimmick
I get into your head and spread like a pandemic
I never put myself in a race I can't finish
I'm well-grounded, founded on the same premise
as any man with hit list that's bout business
Yo, can a brother get a witness? Dig it, right on!

[Chorus 2X: Joanna Newsom]

Aight, okay, I'm above and beyond hot, my measurement in watts
Time rate and flow of energy ain't never gon' stop
Pressure's on, I won't pop, microphone I won't drop
Gemstones niggas cop ain't shit if I ain't in the spot
It's the Orion of the Hop, the new star of the Hip
I shine a light for the future so my presence a gift
It's evident I'm heaven scent with Thomas Edison elements
Reverence for what I represent to show my benevolence
This is Philly, I'm repping for the art of the city
Came from South West Atlanta, gave my heart to the city
where slugs fly, thugs cry, cause every part of it's gritty
Niggas shooting up the club like they partied with Diddy
You get the diggy, I flick my incandescence to fluorescence
and in essence, I can burn with joules of energy per second
I put 'em onto lessons while I'm smoking on the blessing
The switch hitter like Pete Rose right of possession, right on!

[Chorus 2X: Joanna Newsom]